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Do Jews and Muslims marry outside of their ethnicity?

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    Ethnicity but same religion right? Because "Muslim" is not an ethnicity.

    Traditionally Muslims married among their own country folk and culture but in present times due to globalization and immigration and easier transportation, you see more Muslims marrying outside their culture or nationality, but it's still frowned upon in 99.9999 percent of all Muslim cultures. Muslims of every culture (maybe except the Sudanese, they are the most humble people I've ever met) are racist and judgmental even, and especially, to fellow Muslims.

    Outsiders think Muslims are religious and believe in Muslim unity and lump us all as one, but actually most Muslims are super nationalistic, hate each other's guts, think their country is the most special on this planet, and are only religious when it comes to the most stupid things like how long is your beard length or why are you wearing a pink hijab and not a black one and other ridiculous things.

    I've seen Iranians trash talking Arabs, Afghans trash talking Iranians, Kurds trash talking Turks, born Muslims trash talking converts, converts trash talking born Muslims, Arabs trash talking everyone, and I'm like wow we are the most stupid community right now on planet earth and beyond.

    I may be exaggerating because I'm very harsh on my own religious community but that's basically the flow.

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      Given that Muslim men enforce the rules and women are the property of a man, Muslim men are more likely to marry infidels and refuse to let his daughters do the same. A woman needs her father or grand-father's consent to marry. A man does not.

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    All the time.

    For starters, both Jew and Muslim are not terms limited by ethnicity. Many people do see Jewish as an ethnic term, but one can be Jewish while lacking an ethnic background that is suggestive of being Jewish. The "ethnic Jew" discussion is probably best for another post, but for now just understand that one can be Jewish regardless of their ethnicity. As for Muslims, while many people confuse that term with Arab in the end they're not limited by ethnicity as well.

    People of different ethnicites can be of the same religion, so why wouldn't they marry?

    Now, Jews and Muslims are also marrying outside their religion as well. There are couples who are interfaith and don't find issue with it. Though, there are Jews and Muslims who are religious enough that they won't consider marrying an outsider unless they convert too, but that doesn't describe all of them. I can't speak for Muslims on this point but there are many Jews who are open to it. Traditionally, a Muslim man is allowed to marry out since religion in Islam is patrilineal but Muslim women are not, though in modern times not all adhere to that so strictly.

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    Muslims are allowed to. For example, an Arab Muslim can marry an ethic German Muslim or a Pakistani Muslim can marry a Chinese Muslim. In Islam interracial marriage is aloud.

    A lot of Muslims do marry outside their ethnicity. I actually know several who did.

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    Jewish women are more liberal about that than the men

    With Muslims it's quite opposite. The women can't even marry a Muslim not from her tribe/community or anyone that the father didn't choose for her. With the men, all they need is a fertile woman who'll die giving birth for all they care.

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      Wrong maybe in very traditional families or specific countries in the east. But its just the religion that matter not the ethnicity in many cases.

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    This is haram for Muslims specially Muslim women

  • I think most Jews do nowadays, but most Muslims, or at least the females, do not

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    depends on how devout they are

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