Dragon Age Inquisition. Playing the first two before the first? And whats this dragon keep thing?


Do i have to play the first two before the third?***

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    6 years ago
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    Technically, you don't have to play the previous games. Unlike Mass Effect where the story is set around 1 character in a certain amount of time, DA is broken up a bit more. The first game spans a year and revolves around the Warden trying to stop the Blight. The second spans around 10 years and revolves around Hawke, who deals with A.) the Qunari threat in Kirkwall, and B.) The Mage rebellion which leads up to the events of Inquisition. Inquisition is based on a whole new protagonist. So while playing the previous games fleshes out the lore and state of events, they are not mandatory.

    Dragon Age Keep is a system to set up "World States" with the more important decisions, in lieu of actually importing playthrough saves. You can totally mess around with the Keep, which affects certain things in Inquisition.

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    Ok so i heard you can play DA 3 without playing DA 1-2, without being lost. Now like every game, its best to play them in order because you get to understand the lore and how the games connect with each other. Now, i cant really play 1-2 because i have a ps4 and my laptop dont thing it can run 1-2 well.

    So, i was looking around and i heard about this dragon keep. What is this thing for? does it take you through the decisions of each game DA 1 and DA 2 then implement them into the ps4 game DA 3? Does the Dragon keep decisions transfer over into the game? (i.e i pick all bad sides through 1-2 , so those decisions will show in my game). Or is this dragon keep just to help you understand the lore etc, for people who havnt played through 1-2. So when you play DA3 you will understand what your seeing.


    Can i play DA 3 without playing the others?

    Is this dragon keep thing necessary to do?

    And do my decisions in dragon keep transfer over to my ps4 game DA3 and change the game a bit on how i made my decisions through 1-2.

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