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After abortion questions NO JUDGING OR HATERS?

First off if haters or preachers are still reading, it was my choice, my body, my mind. I'm young and knew this was the choice for me so take your opinions somewhere else

I had my surgical abortion on nov 18 , technically 13 days ago and they told me don't have a bath for 2 weeks but today I had a horrible day and ached and have a cold so I gave in an had a 5 minute bath. I'm not going to again as my anxiety will now prevent that for a while lol. I'm not having any tenderness in my belly or Anything, no fever, no funky colored discharge a little itching but I'm assuming just healing and and normal nothing extreme, no nausea or vomiting so I don't think I have an Infection. Will having that bath effect anything please note I do have an anxiety disorder !

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    You're just healing right now. As long as you don't think you're infected the bath is fine.

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    I think you're fine.

    If you want to PM me feel free, I had an abortion when I was 19 and do not regret it.

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    The reason why you shouldn't have a bath is because, as with any wound, while you are healing, you are still prone to infection. If they said 2 weeks, 1 day short probably isn't a big deal, but keep an eye on it to be sure.

    That said, your post is very defensive, which is an outward sign that you are not fully at ease with the decision you made to have an abortion. If you ever need help with the healing process, there are some support groups out there:


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    I don't think so.

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