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Are Globe cruisers good for beginners? And good quality?

I'm a petite 5'2 girl who needs a skateboard for getting around campus. Not looking to do any tricks, I just want to get around places. I've been looking at the Globe Bantam 23" with 4.5" Slant trucks, 62mm 83a wheels, Abec 7 bearings and a gradual kick tail. Should I get it?


I have size 8 feet and don't want a longboard because they're too big to carry

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    Hey guuurl! People say it's not really a good idea to start on a cruiser since they're small but don't worry. I did it and I turned out fine xD! I'm a 5'5 girl with size 8 UK feet and it was kinda difficult for me since my feet hung off the board a little bit. But it's fine if you start out on the cruiser. The only downside of it, is that it's small haha!

    I don't know anything about Globe Cruisers but I'm pretty sure they're a better quality than my cruiser board. Mine is a cheap cruiser from a toystore. But yeah get the Globe Bantam! It looks pretty good! Sorry if I couldn't help but yeah. Shmur.

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