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Would you consider Lord Voldemort a wise villain?

I am trying to fill in my chart for my English package on Othello and I needed an outside source that compares it to "Fools and Villains are wise". I've been thinking of movies that would fit into that category and I was just wondering if Lord Voldemort is a wise villain? If so, why and how?

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    No he is not a wise villain. Not once did he ever stop to think why Harry Potter survived when his parents were killed. Throughout the entire series of books Voldemort showed only a single purpose which was to kill Harry. He never thinks of reasons why Harry manages to escape being killed. Nor does Voldemort ever consider the loyalty of his followers nor does he ever consider that his abuse of them could result in some of them abandoning his cause.

    Voldemort also shows a lack of understanding of human nature. Does he ever consider that the Malfoys might be more interested in keeping their son alive than their loyalty to Voldemort. Voldemaort never asks himself why so many people are supportive of Harry and do their best to protect him.

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    No, I think he was arrogant, not wise. A .38 special would have handled his little Harry Potter problem without the need to write six more books.

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    Not really. No idea how to manage his public image, and he made all of his followers get matching tatoos.

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