In mob of the dead how do you get the hells redeemer?

How do you get that tomohawk and also I'd your with more than one person can everyone have one

What does each person need to do to get one

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    i'm a veteran of the cod zombie games, so you can trust what i say. first, you need the hell's retriever, the first version of the tomohawk that glows red and has two charges. to get this, you must kill zombies around the three heads of "fluffy" the hell hound. each kill will feed the dog, and the dog will retreat back into the wall once it is full. there is one dog on the docks, one in the medical wing on the way to the roof, and one between the spawn point and the warden's office. their locations are marked by blood symbols on the walls in the shape of a wolf head. once all three dogs have been fed, go to the catacombs right behind the showers and the wall will be destroyed, revealing the retreiver.

    getting the redeemer can be somewhat difficult. first, you need to build the plane to travel to the golden gate bridge. i'll assume you know how to do this, if not google it. once there, you must spend a single round on the bridge using ONLY the tomahawk. the round MUST be past round 15 for it to work, as this is the round that the retreiver stops being a 1 hit kill. so you fly to the golden gate bridge at the end of the round, kill the last zombie there, and spend the next full round on the bridge using only the tomahawk. you cannot shoot, knife, pull out your shield, push with your shield, set a claymore, switch weapons, throw grenades, aim down your sights, leave the golden gate bridge, or pack-a-punch during the same round you intend to get the redeemer, as these will nullify the progress for that round. all you can do is walk, run, jump, look around, and throw the tomahawk.

    once you have survived the entire round past round 15 on the bridge without doing anything but circling zombies and throwing tomahawks, you should hear a sound similar to what you hear in the beginning of the round, like a ghost exploding into vapor. once you hear this, you have successfully met the requirements to get the redeemer. head back to the prison via the electric chairs and run to the first dog location, the one between the spawn and the warden's office. charge your tomahawk completely and throw it directly into the lava pit underneath of the dog summon. if you did this correctly, the tomahawk will disappear into the lava and a small spit of fire will come out. if you did not do it correctly or did not meet the bridge requirements, the tomahawk will return to you like normal.

    once the tomahawk has been sacrificed into the lava, you must survive until the next round. once the round changes, go into the showers and enter the afterlife. once in the afterlife, run to where you picked up the retriever, and it will be replaced with a blue tomohawk. this is the redeemer. from now on, you can only pick up the tomahawk while in the afterlife. therefore, if you die, you must use an afterlife to get the tomahawk back.

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