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How to write a good thesis statement?

For English Class.

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    Think of a general topic, then narrow it to something that you can support with a minimum of three paragraphs of evidence.

    For example, choose the general topic of American Presidents, then great American Presidents, then great Presidents of the Twentieth Century, then Franklin Roosevelt. Formulate a thesis about FDR that you can support with a minimum of three paragraphs of evidence: FDR saved the United States from permanent economic and social ruin by implementing sensible government regulations of the banking and financial systems and by offering American men the chance to work at government-sponsored jobs that simultaneously benefitted communities in need of development. Your paragraphs of evidence could include the Civilian Conservation Corps for jobs, the FDIC for banking, and the SEC for Wall St. He did many other things, including leading us during WW II, so you could write a thesis statement to include other information.

    Whatever your subject is, start with the general subject, then get specific. You don't have to write it within one sentence, but it is best if you include it in the introductory paragraph.

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