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Can atheists be certain evolution is right?

How can one really be certain? Evolution might be wrong, and creation might be right.

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  • DrJ
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    Let me answer this here. Although if the person really wants a thorough answer, this question should be moved to the biology board.

    Are biologists certain about evolution. YES. Evolution has a definition of change of gene frequencies of a population over time. WE HAVE SEEN THAT. The evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria is one example. The evolution of beak size in finches on the Galapagos Island is another. There are countless studies that show that frequencies of alleles are not constant.

    We have seen change in biodiversity in the fossil record over time. We don't see mammals in rocks that are 1 billion years old. Instead, we see over time the more complex animal groups appearing in the exact order that we expect, if each is an ancestor of the other.

    We see that all species on earth have the same DNA. And that the DNA, which was unknown in Darwin's time, correlates EXACTLY to what we would expect if species evolved. We see the distribution of animal groups in the world, a subject called biogeography..... and it can be best explained by evolution in place.... not the story of Noah and the forced dispersal of species in the world over a few thousand years.

    Every piece of EVIDENCE says that evolution is a fact. If we found a rabbit skeleton with dinosaurs, it would disprove evolution. If we found human fossil bones inside a T-rex it would disprove evolution. None of these things have happened.

    In addition, Evolution is a theory... an explanation of the facts. Currently most evolution occurs under natural selection, a NON-RANDOM selection of genetic diversity that selects for maximum number of individuals in the next generation.

    If somehow some evidence or observation occurs that does falsify the theory of evolution, then a new theory would arise THAT WOULD HAVE TO EXPLAIN ALL THE PREVIOUS FACTS AND OBSERVATIONS. It is likely instead the theory would be modified.

    So.... could creationism be an alternate "theory"? It has no evidence, would have to still explain the facts of evolution. So how would creationism explain the formation of species? Something "poofed them" into existence? That's not a testable mechanism, is it? Science deals with things that are falsifiable. Religion is not. Even if the present mechanism (NOT THE FACTS) of evolution would be falsified, science would not go to an explanation that cannot be tested or falsified.

    Can you provide a SINGLE instance where a supernatural explanation is better than a scientific one in describing the physical world? Can you provide a SINGLE instance where a scientific theory has been replaced by a supernatural explanation?

  • Tomp
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    6 years ago

    Why are you directing a biological question at atheists?

    Why don't you go to the Biology forum and rephrase your question:

    "Can Biologists be certain that evolution is right?"

    Or do you really have this bizarre notion in your head that all atheists happen to be biologists?

    Do you know what atheist means?

    Do you know what evolution means?

    Do you know what biologist means?

    Seriously, you really need to know what these three words mean before you commit yourself to posting a question which, quite frankly exposes a seriously poor level of education.

    And yes, biological evolution is a long-established fact, but I am not a biologist, so you should not be taking my word for it. You should be asking a biologist, shouldn't you?

    And while you're about it, an improvement on your English vocabulary wouldn't go amiss either.

  • Nous
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    6 years ago

    Education, education, education!

    So you must think God was not clever enough to use the big bang, evolution and science as his tools!

    The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of England and mainstream churches all accept the big bang and evolution!

    Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!

    Nice that Christians and atheists can agree and laugh together even if it is at fundie expense!

    But behind the laughter is the despair at the fundamentalists striving so hard to destroy Christianity by turning it from a religion to an ideology!

    If you intend to post like this again please state which extremist sect you belong to so that GOOD Christians can disassociate themselves from you and explain why your sect is so at odds with Christianity!

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    6 years ago

    Do I need to be certain ? No you know why i don't need to be certain ? because evolution is a continuing process ..and my life span at max is 90 to 100 years but I may get hit by a car tomorrow and it will only be 62 years now history and grave markers tell me that people have been dying on this planet for thousands of years ...and will continue to do so ..and i will be cremated ...after I donate my organs what purpose does the Creation story serve ? to explain why life on earth exist and that humans experience pain and illness and death people of religion NEED that story to JUSTIFY worshiping an Invisible deity ...I do not worship an invisible deity and do not accept it Exist in REALITY ....without your creation story how do you justify your belief in GOD ...kind of a catch 22 without your bible story that which INVENTS your god ....humans have invented gods for thousands of years why long before yours ( Christians seem to kind of forget that ) and man atheist function just as well as the religious we don't have more disease or illness or death than anyone else .....what special advantages do the religious have over everyone else ? A concept of an after life ....i have one also ...after living my body decays your creation story only came in existence the book long after mans many other gods a dot on the timeline of evolution does knowing how life got started here change how i live my life no ........but it does yours to justify your religion Man had rules and laws and morals long before your book was written and man can be responsible for society principles of right and wrong accountable one another ...your religion claims you are only good because gods says you must obey his commandments and worship kind of an or else concept Atheist are good because we are Humanist

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Yes, we can be. The MOUNTAINS of evidence which support Evolution as a working principle, which have been proven over and over again, without exception or contradiction. Creationism? That's just the dumb blatherings of those who can provide no proof for their claims.

  • Archer
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    6 years ago

    You "believe" in creation which is based in interpretation, opinion and belief and you "believe" you are correct in your belief.

    Evolution is a theory not a belief as it is based in science, evidence logic and probabilities based in all of the for mentioned.

    I would venture to say that a theory bares fare more credibility that a faith ever has so you figure it out.

  • gillie
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    6 years ago

    All the evidence points to evolution. None of it supports creation. I think it's far safer to accept evolution.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    LOL! Evolution seems to be threatening your faith delusions, huh?

    Yes, do blame atheists for your fragile belief. That's sure to get you far.

  • 6 years ago

    "Evolution might be wrong, and creation might be right. "

    But the evidence weights heavily on the other way around. Lack of certainty is no reason to entertain competing explanations that have no evidence to back them up whatsoever.

  • 6 years ago

    Certainty is an emotion,

    not a logical conclusion.

    I understand enough about the evidence

    that is consistent with the theory of evolution

    to know that it is usefully correct.



    John Popelish

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