Should North America help other countries with tax dollars.?

The government money is actually the peoples money.

The government should not spend our money for us.

If people want to help poor countries great but it should be out of there pockets not the tax payers pockets.

Imagine how our economy would be if Canada only helped Canada.

I would donate money out of my pocket if the cause was good but I should have the choice not just we spent your money and we need more so we are going to take more off your pay cheque and you have no say.

That sounds communist to me its to expensive to live in Canada as it is.

Would you feed your family if you only had $10 or would you feed the homeless and let your family starve?

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    Hm... Interesting thought, what if they IMF & World Bank and WHO were totally privately funded, rather than funded by various governments?

    (75% of WHO is funded privately, last I read.)

    You've inspired me to read up more on how we fund those international organizations, (which have been unsuccessful in many endeavors, at least the IMF & World Bank have been.) and how it would be if they were privatized... It's a really intriguing thought.

    Because, on the surface, no, I don't really want the US giving taxpayer money to other countries, nor do I really want other countries to suffer needlessly, also I'm not sure what that would do to foreign relations, sounds dangerous if we've already set the precedent of throwing money out there, to just pull the plug on that...

    It does seem communist, to take money from taxpayers without a genuine consensus about the way it is to be spent, and without our say.

    In a perfect world, we would be taxed the absolute minimum, or not at all, and private funding would cover all society deems necessary.

    Or we could be taxed for the defense budget from the federal government, and taxed on the state and local level for things most communities want, public schools and roads.

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    our government wastes and steals so much of tax payers money now our deficate will never be paid off we as a country need to remove all from power and install new not that they'll prove any more honest they wont be as practiced at the art of deception like the current corruption i im saddened by the state of our union sickened is more like it

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    should we take a poll every time a pothole needs fixed on the road or a bridge needs to be repaired on the interstate? that's the "people's money" too. hint: the people want everything for free. why would anyone be against humanitarian aid, unless they are sociopaths or hard-core anti-social ideological fanatics or racists trying to hide behind the cool label of "libertarian"...

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