Factory reset on my Pavilion dv7 laptop.?

So my uncle got locked up and said that i could have his laptop. The issue is though that it has a finger print scanner and the user that he had is holding a bunch of stuff and most of memory on the laptop is full. Because i dont have his finger print i cant get on his user to delete stuff and im scared to do a factory reset because i do not know if i will need a windows disk or something to be able to use it again after i do it.

The laptop is a Pavilion dv7-6c22nr Entertainment PC.

Will i even be able to factory reset it without the finger print? and if i do, will i need a windows disk or something? And if not, will i just be able to factory reset then jump right back online like nothing happened?

Thanks for the time!

Btw, it always comes up saying "low disk space on [hp tools(e:)]" im not a techie so i dont really know what that means other than its full lol.

2 Answers

  • Mr. T
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Have a friend make a System Repair Disk on their W7 computer

    Control Panel → Action Center → Backup & Restore → Create a system repair disk


  • 6 years ago

    a factory reset just means it will set it back to the defult as if you got it out of a store no files on it. you will not need a disk of any sort.

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