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Gopro Hero 4 Silver SD problems?


I just got a gopro hero 4 silver from christmas and a 32gb micro sd card class 10. I put it in to the gopro and i record my first video and everything is working. The next day, Im in the middle of a recording and it says sd err. I took it out then put it back in and it was fine. Four minutes pass and SD ERR shows up yet again. I put it in my computer to delete the videos off it and it says videos deleted but they're still there. O try and format it on my camera, computer, other computers

Update 2:

and my smart phone but it says windows could not format the drive. I can take photos but they dont show up on the sd card, I can take some video but they too dont show up. I cant format the sd card, delete everything off it. Could it be the cameras fault or a faulty micro sd card? I know gopro says 45mb/sec for a micro sd card and I know mine isnt that fast so could that be the problem?


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Gopro Hero 4 Sd Card

  • keerok
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    6 years ago

    Did you turn the camera off before you pulled out the SD card? Did you use the disconnect safely utility of your computer before pulling out the card? The card is damaged and probably permanently. You will have to buy a new replacement. May I suggest 8GB instead? Do not delete vidoes in-camera and always format before shooting.

  • ?
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    6 years ago

    Did you format the card in the camera before using it for the first time? This must always be done regularly.

  • 6 years ago

    I would suspect the card before the camera. Buy another card. The old card may work fine for other devices you may have.

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  • 6 years ago

    Were they name brand cards or no name cheapos?

    Same question for the Micro SD card reader or adapter.

  • 6 years ago

    If no device can format the card, the card is gone. Replace the card, maybe the vendor will do it for free, but get the correct speed this time.

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