"Install or remove windows 7 or later version" Grey and unable to check on Mac?


I was trying to install Windows 7 on mac and it was going terribly.It wasn't much of a hassle,It's just that I now want to delete Bootcamp because it's taking up some space on my mac that I would really like to have.I erased bootcamp using Disk Utility but when I go to 'About this Mac' it still shows Bootcamp!

Help please?

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  • 5 years ago
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    "About This Mac" has nothing at all to do with Windows. Can you press command shift 4 spacebar? Then click the "About" window to get a screen shot. Then post it right here in Yahoo Answers for us to see.

    EDIT :

    Thanks. The "System Information" app is opened from About This Mac. It shows the partitions and their labels (names). Even if the BOOTCAMP partition is erased, it is still there, but nearly empty.

    Do this...

    – Launch "Boot Camp Assistant".

    – Remove the checks for the first two options.

    – Click "Continue". See picture below.

    If that fails...

    – Open Disk Utility.

    – Select the whole drive hardware name at left (such as "121GB Apple SSD")

    – Select the "Partition" tab.

    – Select the lower block called "BOOTCAMP".

    – Click the - sign to remove it.

    – Drag the dividing line down to the bottom.

    – Click "Apply"


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      Here's the link

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