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janhoi asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 6 years ago

Question about Conservatives and Obama............?

Should Conservatives actually be supportive of some of Obama policies.......................?

I mean I know many of them have this perception that he is this big liberal/socialist and all......but on some of his policies he has continued what Bush started.

He has tripled the amount of Drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia(including targeted executions of Americans 'suspected' of terrorism). He has used he Espionage Act more than any other President to crack down on people like Edward Snowden and Manning.

He signed the National Defense Authorization act which allows the government to detain a person if they are 'suspected' of terrorism.

I mean I personally oppose these policies, but I am surprised conservatives seem completely oblivious that Obama has continued these policies. In fact apparently during his transition to becoming president, he was quoted in a conversation saying that if you release state secrets that 'compromise national security' he would 'come down on you like a tone of bricks'.

And that includes throwing Manning in solitary confinement over the stuff she released to WikiLeaks.

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    6 years ago
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    Republicans gave Bush a 75% approval rating in his final year in office, after 9/11, after a multi-trillion war with the wrong country, after 7,500 Americans lost their lives, after massive spending and bailouts, and after we were gutting 700,000 private sector jobs per month, every month, for an entire year. Republicans LOVED drone strikes, the NSA, the patriot act, and claimed that anyone who opposed any of their policies was 'siding with the terrorists'. They have now done a complete 180 turn on all of their own policies solely because the current moderate president continued them. But, when this president does try to eliminate the exact policies that republicans (now) claim to oppose under Obama, republicans block the bill. For example, NSA spying on Americans. Republicans created the program, cheered for it, attacked anyone who opposed it, then whined about their own program the second Obama was in office. But, Obama tried to eliminate the program last year and republicans blocked the bill.

  • RockIt
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    6 years ago

    Which policies did Liberals support by Bush? How was that accomplished? Was there bi partisan cooperation? If so, where did all that cooperation go? When Pelosi and Reid completely cut Republicans out of the biggest new social program (ACA) since the 1960s.

    You seem very eager to ignore the choices Liberals made during Bush's 2 terms and how childish they behaved in their first 2 years with Obama, for 4 years of obstruction by Reid effectively stopping the Senate from doing anything the Republicans passed in the House.

    Its total war on Liberals as far as I am concerned for their treatment of Bush, trampling the constitution, rigging the senate rules, running the big lies about Obamacare down America's throat.

    America deserves better. Obama is the great divider. I don't see much room to cooperate. Obama has 2 years, but only 1 to accomplish much since the election cycle will take over in 9 months or so.

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    Im conservative republican, well actually more so either center right or independent, but i think obama is okay. Not the best, not as bad as most portray him to be. I agree with some of his policies and some not just like all presidents

  • 6 years ago

    I hate when people put conservatives and liberals in one little bubble and say that they agree with everything that is liberal or conservative. That's not true some conservatives do support Obama they just don't openly express their opinion.

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  • 6 years ago

    Nobody is right or wrong all of the time and none but knee-jerk partisans assume that they even could be. My objection to Obama is that he is so blatantly and irresponsibly political. As is demonstrated by his non-stand on the XL pipeline, when his own electorate is divided he sits on the fence. I can accept that timidity from a Congressman, but not from a President!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Yes, and he has carried Bush's torch in corporate welfare, banker bailouts, and creating massive debt as well.

    I have been saying for years if you voted for Bush you should be very happy with Barack Will Bomb Ya.

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