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Ali asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 6 years ago

Where can I buy Adobe Dreamweaver?

I want to buy Adobe Dreamweaver, but on the Adobe website I'm only given an option to pay a subscription fee at about $20 a month and that comes with Photosohp, Illustrator, etc. I want to be able to buy ONLY Dreamweaver, and not at a subscription fee. I want to buy it at once, and not pay again.

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  • Don
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    6 years ago
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    Well Ali, from what I read at several sites(Adobe,Forbes & Wikipedia) you can not buy it. Unless someone is able to find a way to access the program, download it and then sell bootleg(Illegal) copies Dreamweaver is a subscription only program. The reason given by Adobe Systems, Inc. is that you would always have immediate access to updates The REAL reason is that as long as you wish to use it you will pay the monthly fee while increasing their profit margin for what may become an inferior product. When they are guaranteed a constant income there is no reason to improve the product on a consistent basis. There are other companies bending over backwards to fill the purchase option void created by Adobe Systems decision. There is no possible way I would pay $240.00 a year for a software product that I can not hold a physical copy of it in my hands. I am sure you are aware that Microsoft is moving in the same direction with Office and it will soon become a subscription only product also as evidenced by the push to sell Office 365 which are 1 year subscriptions. I opted for Libre Office at and MS can go twist themselves into a 2" x 4" piece of lumber. Should Adobe find that people choose to find other options I hope that they find out too late and end up bankrupt.

    Good Luck, keep a smile on your face, your chin up and may the sun always shine upon your day.

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