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Vegetarians: Why do you not like to eat meat?


I was just wondering why people wouldn't and choose not to eat meat. I just do not understand. I've head some people think it is "healthy" and that some are just sad for the animals.

If you are upset because your eating an animal:

- Why are you upset?

- What if it was (for example) deer that has been shot by a hunter and not processed in a factory. Would you eat it?



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    There are so, so many reasons a person might want to become a vegetarian or vegan, and the reasons vary between individuals.

    A lot of people do it for health reasons. Replacing meats and other animal products with lean plant-based protein can lower cholesterol and aid with weight loss. Moving to a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can lower a person's risk for heart disease obesity and certain types of cancers. When I told my doctor I was a vegetarian she told me she wished more of her patients would be able to say that to her.

    After I became a vegetarian, I lost a few pounds, had more energy, and had more regular bowel movements. I really did feel better! I also found myself branching out an looking for new foods to try. I grew up on a very bland, and limited Pennsylvania Dutch-style diet, with lots of meat and potatoes and only a few vegetables. After becoming a vegetarian I strayed from the foods I was raised on and explored a whole new world of ethnic foods and a long list of fruits and veggies I had never tried before! Not only did I open myself up to a wider variety of nutrient foods, I had fun doing it!

    Animal welfare is another big reason so many people choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Many people just don't see a difference between their beloved pet dog, or a cow in pasture. Personally, I feel that people ARE animals. Based on basic biology and the interactions I've had with the pets in my life, I don't feel like we're really all that different on the inside. I don't think a few moments of pleasure at a meal is worth someone's life, whether that life was factory farmed or hunter-killed. Though I will add, that I would rather a person eat hunter-killed, or organic, local, grass-fed meat over factory-farmed meat, if they feel compelled to eat meat.

    Another big reason, is the impact food animal production has on the environment. Many people forget that an animal eats, and the beef cow, pig or chicken sent to slaughter after reaching market weight was fed and watered for the duration of its life. It is estimated that about 15,000 liters of fresh water are used to produce 1 kg of beef. It only requires about 255 liters of water to produce 1 kg of potato. More than 40% of the world's rye, oat, wheat, and corn is grown as animal feed. I can attest to this. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, and now working for the department of agriculture, I know that a shockingly large percentage of what's seen growing in these Pennsylvania fields is not for human consumption. Food animals use a lot of resources, and contribute to excessive deforestation, erosion, and pollution of our waterways. Antibiotic use on factory farms is the biggest breeding ground of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Four times more antibiotics were used to treat livestock than were prescribed to sick people in 2011.

    There are also people who eat vegetarian for monetary reasons. Due to the cost and resources required to raise food animals, animal products can be expensive. In countries where agriculture is not heavily subsidized, meat is nearly unaffordable to middle-class citizens. Even here in he US, meat dishes at restaurants tend to be more expensive than those without meat. Per pound, meats in the grocery store tend to be more expensive raw or dried plant-foods. In order for food that's so expensive to produce to be affordable for everyone, the meat industry must be heavily subsidized. Feed grains get the highest federal crop subsidy. The federal government spends about 38.4 billion dollars annually, to subsidize the meat industry, to keep prices low and keep the industry afloat. Meat and other animal products would cost about three times more that what you currently pay, if it weren't for government subsidies.

    Those are the primary reasons that I am a vegetarian, but I also know people who are vegetarian or vegan for religious reasons, and some people are unimpressed by the taste of meat and avoid it for taste alone.

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    Being a vegetarian isn't a matter of disliking the taste or flavor of meat. It's about being ethical, and disapproving of "harvesting" practices used to acquire said meat. It's about animal rights, that we, as human beings, should be responsible and well evolved enough to go beyond the need to harm or kill other living things, and that life is life. I am not a vegetarian, but I have considered it because of some company's practices. Actually, some of those meatless products are better for you than the real thing, so health is an issue as well. Many people with high cholesterol are prescribed a high fiber, high vegetable, low meat diet, but have a hard time because they enjoy their red meat. With meat substitutes, they can have the meat flavor without feeling like they're losing out. I personally like veggie corndogs, they have 40% less calories and fat than regular corndogs, and are diet friendly, and YUMMY!

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    Good question. Let me see if I can find an answer it for you:

    -Many people do consider being a vegetarian healthy and generally speaking it's true. Meat is very high in fat and calories whereas fruits and veggies are not. Plant foods contain no cholesterol whereas meat is very high in cholesterol. Cutting meat out of your diet means you cut a lot of unhealthy things out of your diet which dramatically reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, and even many cancers.

    -People are also vegetarian for animal welfare reasons. It's not just because an individual is sad for the animals but because they are horrified with the treatment of animals. In factory farms animals live in awful conditions that cause pain and suffering up until the moment they are killed for food. Vegetarians are generally against hunting because they don't understand why people find 'joy' in killing animals.

    Many vegetarians are against the slaughter of animals even if they are treated kindly. Scientifically speaking cows and pigs are just as smart and emotional as dogs and cats. Vegetarians understand this and think it is illogical that society protects dogs and cats from harm and abuse but not farm animals. Most people would be sickened if they saw a dog slaughtered for meat so why not a cow? What is the difference between the two? There's no logical answer....

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    I became a vegetarian in March (I also became vegan in October) mainly for health reasons. I planned to give up meat for forty days to see how I would do without it, but I found myself feeling better on a meatless diet so I decided to carry on with it.

    But I also had ethical reasons in mind. I felt a little sad eating meat, because I don't feel as though I would be able to kill an animal myself. I don't mean to offend anybody who does eat meat - it's just something I personally feel uncomfortable with. I knew I had lots of other foods that I could get nutrients like iron and protein from.

    I don't think I would eat a deer that has been hunted - this is because I don't feel as though I would be able to shoot the deer myself. Hope I helped.

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    I don't enjoy the smell or taste of meat. It takes a lot of oils/butter, spices, seasonings, salt and such to make meat edible and smell decent. Try eating some completely plain boiled/baked meat and see how it tastes. Walk by the raw meat department at a supermarket and check out the smell. I would rather take something that tastes good plain and build from there, assuming that I don't just want to eat it plain.

    Plus, I really detest big-corporate factory farms, how they treat the livestock, and how they taint their products with cheap GMO soy/corn feed, hormones, antibiotics, etc. etc.

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    I not Vegan, but I have many Vegan friends and vegan people will not any foods relate to animals because they respect animals.

    I even respect Vegan and every time when I am with Animal Rights Activist, or having lunch with Vegan, I go for Vegan.

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    I LOVED eating meat, meat was delicious when I still ate it. I just don't eat it because I don't need to and I'd really rather not.

    Humans aren't the only things on earth that can think and are interested in living their own life without being killed. We're not the only things who can feel afraid and feel pain. That'd make no biological sense otherwise... I don't like the idea of killing one of those beings or causing them suffering, just because I think they're delicious and would make me feel good if I ate it. It seems like such a waste of life for such a silly purpose.

    To me, going out and shooting a deer is even worse. The deer are just out there minding their own business. I wouldn't like it if some guy just randomly shot ME because he'd have fun doing it or because I had something he wanted. We already slaughter literally tens of billions of animals to eat, we don't have to go out and shoot random animals ontop of that.

    It just doesn't seem reasonable to me to raise an animal and kill it when there are plenty of plants around and we can easily survive just on plants. I don't mean to offend anybody, it just doesn't seem reasonable to me. I think some people are in situations where they have no choice and that's okay. It sucks that they have no choice but I'd eat meat if I HAD to. But I don't have to. Most people don't have to.

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    Lots of people think it's cruel to take the life of another animal in general. Others think it's wrong to use them in any way for anything.

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    if you are talking about ethical vegans then they don't eat meat because meat is cruel and violent commodity. and ethical vegans don't want to inflict pain and torture on animals.

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