How much will an a8-6600k bottleneck a gtx 970?

I bought a zotac gtx 970 4gb and i currently have an a8 6600k 3.9 ghz, i just want to know how bad of a bottleneck i should expect. And i am planning to upgrade to an intel i5, which brings me to ask for suggestions for a good match to the 970, im looking to spend arround 300 bucks on a good cpu and motherboard capable of sli, i plan to go sli in a few years maybe. And i wish to know if i can use my gtx 970 with my RS 460 PSAR l3 PSU from cooler master? or should i not risk it, because i don t know if its a quality enough PSU. any insight and suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks ahead!

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Yes the PSU Should be fine. However a a8 6600k is nothing. I have a AMD FX-6350 ,but I only use a EVGA GTX GeForce 750 Ti. So it more than likely be a bad bottleneck.

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