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Emily asked in PetsFish · 6 years ago

beta breeding problems?

I bought a male and a female beta fish. The female beta has vertical lines which means she's stressed how do I make her not stressed? My male I've got him the 30th and he still hasnt ate anything, instead he's starting to make a bubble nest. Now I know you have to feed them for 2 weeks, but my male won't eat. They are both in a small tank which each a plant so my 10 gallon tank won't get so dirty when I'm breeding them. I've tried feeding him pellits, flakes and frozen grubs. Nothing seems to work. What do I do?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Contrary to popular belief, Betta fish are actually quite fickle little fish. An ideal setup will include substrate, plenty of plants for hiding, correct water parameters and a heater to keep the tank at the correct temperature. If you have chosen a large tank you will need a filter to keep the tank from becoming filled with leftover food and debris. You also need to make sure that your female and male are in separate tanks, I couldn't gather from your question whether or not they were. Until they are ready to breed they should not even be able to see each other, you'll want to put a nice colored divider in the tank to do this.

    You are also going to want to wait until your female is back to full health before attempting breeding. I would wait until you have had them for about a month up and going without issues. If they have been alive for 2 weeks, they are eating. You may be feeding them too much which can cause you to see a lot of leftover food and assume they are not eating. They make food specifically for Betta fish, you only need to feed a very small amount 1-2 times a day.

    Keep in mind that breeding Betta fish is quite difficult. They are rather aggressive and you will need to monitor the mating process and be ready to remove one of the fish at any time or you will end up with injured/dead fish.

    Best of Luck

    Source(s): BA in Veterinary Medicine Chapter Leader of dog rescue Employed at animal shelter Owned and Bred show quality imported Betta fish
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