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Cylinder miss fire changing cylinders?


I have a 2001 ford escape xlt and I'm having a strange problem with it.

When in turn it on when its cold it runs very bad, shakes, and usually stalls out if you don't given it a little gas. The check engine light came on, and when I plugged my diagnostic computer into it it showed miss fire in cylinder 4.

I cleared the check engine light, and the next day it came back on, this time as miss fire in cylinder 6.

What could cause this to happen? Why did it switch cylinders? What can I do?

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    "Why did it switch cylinders?"

    likely due to the issue (missfire) being systemic in nature. actual cause likely has nothing to do with unstable combustion chamber conditions. in that there's likely nothing wrong with chamber seaaling, fuel delivery or ignition.



    prolly need to clean/or replace the IAC-"idle air control" valve.


    me thinks iffin there was an issue with the cold start circuit, MAP or TPS, you'd have gotten code relating to that. or at least a conflict there.

    me thinks this could be a cold start and or idle up circuit associated *vacuum* leak.

    check all hoses/lines/fittings for leaks/secure around the throttle body and in the idle up circuit. which would include the vacuum lines/hoses coming from the power steering pump and a/c(app).

    would like to know iffin you experience hesitation or similar symptoms (shaking) when performing a turn at low rpms. or when the a/c is on.

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    Start with the basics! Change the spark plugs, they are over 12 years old. Change the fuel filter as well. Good luck!

    Source(s): Retired Master Mechanic. licensed over 45 years.
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