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What were the 70's like?

for anyone who grew up or thrived in the decade of decadence what was a day in the life like ? I can imagine much simpler... no MTV or Internet or corrupt governments. but yeah, compared to today's world how was the 70's ?

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    If you think there weren't corrupt governments in the 70's, then you are insane. Idi Imin for example was the boogeyman of the 70s.. for good reason.

    Television was simple. You had channels 2 through 13, the latter being PBS (Sesame Street, etc). VCRs only made there appearance in the late 70s and very few people had them.

    8-track tapes were very popular for a time. A lot of cars had 8-track tape players.

    Children had board games, action figures and simple toys... I had Star Wars figures, an X-Wing Fighter and GI Joe dolls; my sister had a Barbie doll airplane that folded up. Chinese checkers were popular in the 70s. Comic books, of course- mine were Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos. I remember Lawn Darts- some nut who lived near my Elementary School used to throw them as far as he could. It's just dumb luck he never killed or seriously injured anyone.

    Music was either 45s, 78s, cassette tapes of the aforementioned 8-Track. In the late 70s the Boom Box (aka Ghetto Blaster) made its appearance.

    Movies were more popular then, no Netflix, VCR's, etc... The Exorcist made a splash, Star Wars, Jaws. Battlestar Galactica came out on TV and I had a neighbor who swore it would be ten times better than Star Wars- finally, it premiered and he couldn't even look me in the face for a week or so.

    Schoolkids dressed kind of grungy in High School- flannel, denim jackets, rock t-shirts, wallets with chains. In Elementary school, checkered or striped pants and a pullover was common. I remember leisure suits, the in fashion with adult men (uggh).

    In my schools Pink Floyd Jethro Tull and Def Leopard were popular- lots of book covers, T-Shirts, etc. We used brown shopping bags to cover books, the wrote all over them. Sometimes stickers were added.

    The 70's were wild and disordered. Crime in cities was insane- the Charles Bronson movies capture some of the feeling. NYC was crazy, Yankee Stadium was a free for all, fights, streakers, it was always an adventure.

    Life has totally changed since the 80's or even early 90's, so the 70's can almost seem like another world. I have very vivid memories of everything from Halloween parades at school to the gas lines when gas reached shocking prices.

    At the end of the 70's, the big thing was the Iran hostage crisis. That's how it all ended, Reagan was elected, the hostages were released and in 81 the Space Shuttle launched- waited all my childhood to see that.

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    I was a teenager in the 70's and loved that decade. No, we didn't have the internet or cell phones but life was simpler and we still had just as fun as anyone does today. If the internet blew up tomorrow, my generation would have no problem adjusting back to how it was back then, but I'm not sure what or how the younger generations would adapt.

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    I grew up in the 70s (born early 60s). It was fine, as any Age is. Just as happy, just as content. The Cold War raged. We expected Nuclear War, and partied for it. Fundamentalist Moslems were not a terrorist threat, but the IRA was. The USSR existed - as did the Iron Curtain.

    We didn't miss what didn't exist. If I wanted to know what a school mate was up to on school breaks - we'd bike to his house and see him. No social networking. Cycling, playing in the street, trips out to the countryside. Here in the UK we had a mixed economy, with state ownership of the utilities. Politics bounced between two parties that agreed to keep that status quo (until Thatcher ripped it down after 1978).

    Cars were maybe a wee bit unreliable, but many people fixed them themselves. Fashion seemed cool at the time - but looking back, now looks awful. Skinheads fought with rockers. Punk took off. There were three channels of TV. You had to ask your parents for permission to use the house telephone. No MTV - but we would look forward to BBC Top of the Pops on a Thursday, and people listened to AM radio more - the BBC stations, but more so the Pirate stations.

    Records were vinyl. Cameras were film - I had a Polaroid camera.

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    On the good side there were more jobs, less unemployment, and far less debt (public and private). For the rest, well .... There definitely was corruption, bad government was widespread, blackmail from the oil sheiks in the Middle East, wars all over the place (check out Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia for one thing). As for entertainment most people buried themselves in front of TV screens the way they use the Internet these days. I went out a lot personally, but in your 20s (as I was then) this is normal, when you get to 60 there is less reason to do so.

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    The 70s were scarcely a "decade of decadence."

    They were actually more like a recovery period from the turbulent 60s.

    It was the birth of New Age blather.

    It was a decade of bad fashion (polyester leisure suits, wide collar suits and ties), god-awful music (disco), and sharply rising prices for everything from gasoline to food.

    It was actually a tacky and flavorless time lacking any redeeming virtues.

    I hated the 70s

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    well, with no electronic devices to play with we went out more, and children especially played outside more, playgrounds alwqys had more kids than they do now, and they rode bikes and climbed trees and generally got around more. you saw fewer fat people around then, i think generally peiple got more exercise and didn't eat so much.

    We listened to music on the radio or on the record player, and Tv shows you had to catch when they were on, there was no way of recording them. we read more books and magazines and newspapers. There were loads of children's comics, for both boys and girls, i got about z3 different ones a week when i was young.

    Fewer people went to college, there was high employment and a lot more jobs for people with few or no educational qualifications. A lot less worry about getting jobs. more job security as well, if you got a job you could usually keep it as long as you liked so long as you were reasonably competent.

    more married women stayed at home with their children. there was a children's programmed on Tv called 'Watch With Mother' nowadays I suppose it would be 'watch with the childminder.'

    there was less anxiety about relationships - fewer divorces and single parents. less worry about sex as well - there was no AIDS, and most girls went on the pill, we didn't worry about that either.

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    With the exception of superficial technology such as smart phones and the internet, there was very little difference. The 70s were not "the good old days"...

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    "No corrupt governments"? What the fcuk have you been smoking, bubba? The 70s were the decade of Watergate, in the USA, and there were much worse corruption examples in dozens of other countries.

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    Gasoline went over a dollar a gallon. Cigarettes were 50 cents a pack. Disco sucked.

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