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Has any animal ever been caught on video evolving into another animal?

If not then do you only believe in evolution by faith alone?

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    You must work hard to produce such ignorant questions. And straw man questions at that.

    Let's play the game but on MY TERMS. A creationist poses a rhetorical question on Y!, usually with no knowledge of evolutionary principles. S/he may provide unreferenced quotes, misquotes, made up quotes, misstatements, YouTube videos, Creationist websites, or outright lies. S/he usually doesn't know that evolution has NOTHING to do with the origin of life, which is the science of abiogenesis. Yet, S/he is usually proud of their willful ignorance and wear it like protective armor.

    Then, they pick the answer that agrees with their anti-science, anti-evolution, anti-knowledge, pro-creationist world view and claim "success". I guess they seek comfort in their views and ignorance, but they certainly don't seek new information.

    So.... thanks for the opportunity to present REAL REFERENCES to readers that might never have seen Creationism EXPOSED as a non-science, and evolution shown as very much a falsifiable set of predictions and mechanisms to explain the diversity of life on this planet. In 150 years of research in the fields of biology, biogeography, geology, molecular biology, anthropology, paleontology, population genetics, and others, the theory of evolution has been modified (see below for the definition of a theory), but NEVER FALSIFIED.

    If I were to suggest only one thing for you to read, it would be the 2005 court case where Creationists pushing Intelligent Design wanted it taught in the science curriculum of public schools as science. The conservative judge, after hearing evidence IN A COURT OF LAW, including TESTIMONY from the leading Creationists, ruled that Creationism was a religious approach and not scientific. Creationism/Intelligent Design did not use the methods of science and had NO EVIDENCE to support it. Here is the full judge's decision:


    No, we ALL EXISTED from the immeasurable past and WILL EXIST to the unforeseen future. We existed in the fabric of our DNA. In it we lived before we were born, and we will live in it in our offspring and ancestors well after we have died.

    Also you should see the position of the National Academy of Sciences. If you haven't heard of them: "The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars. Established by an Act of Congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. Scientists are elected by their peers to membership in the NAS for outstanding contributions to research. The NAS is committed to furthering science in America, and its members are active contributors to the international scientific community. Nearly 500 members of the NAS have won Nobel Prizes, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, founded in 1914, is today one of the premier international journals publishing the results of original research."

    This is part of a statement by them about evolutionary theory.... "The formal scientific definition of theory is quite different from the everyday meaning of the word. It refers to a comprehensive explanation of some aspect of nature that is supported by a vast body of evidence.

    Many scientific theories are so well-established that no new evidence is likely to alter them substantially. For example, no new evidence will demonstrate that the Earth does not orbit around the sun (heliocentric theory), or that living things are not made of cells (cell theory), that matter is not composed of atoms, or that the surface of the Earth is not divided into solid plates that have moved over geological timescales (the theory of plate tectonics). Like these other foundational scientific theories, the theory of evolution is supported by so many observations and confirming experiments that scientists are confident that the basic components of the theory will not be overturned by new evidence. However, like all scientific theories, the theory of evolution is subject to continuing refinement as new areas of science emerge or as new technologies enable observations and experiments that were not possible previously"

    To the OP. Keep up your rhetorical questions and your obvious ignorance of evolutionary science, and I'll counter with a real court decision disallowing Creationism as a science, and a real statement from the scientific community supporting evolutionary theory as very much an accepted field of science. OP, let's see who accomplishes their goal on this board in the long run.

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    6 years ago

    In order for evolution to have been caught on video it would've had to run for millions of years. It'd have to have an incredible time lapse. And, I'd imagine it'd be the world's most boring video to watch.

    Things can and do happen even if no one actually observes it taking place. You argument is both disingenuous and facile. If we followed your logic (and please make no mistakes it isn't really logic) if a tree fell over in a forest and no human witnessed the event then the tree didn't fall over.

    Equally, if we were to follow your ideas the prisons would have a huge amount of free space. The overwhelming majority of criminals aren't caught based on eyewitness accounts. In fact, research has demonstrated that eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable whereas forensic evidence is far more reliable.

    This ultimate stupidity of this argument is this: those who think they've come up with a clever way of disproving evolution. No one saw it happen ergo it didn't happen. If that is how they want things to be assessed then they equally destroy their own alternative of creation. No human being saw creation happen ergo creation didn't happen. Of course, that leaves us all with a fundamental problem: how did the universe and everything in it come about. Well as no one was standing ideally by whiling away the time and watching the universe form and life on Earth emerge we shall never know how we came to be here; sheer, utter, unadulterated nonsense.

    Instead of wasting your time coming on y!a spreading someone else's polemic and prejudices, because, let's be honest, that's what they are, you haven’t thought this up yourself, why don't you use that elegantly complex organ in your head called a brain. Instead of being indoctrinated by someone else why don't you take the time and trouble to find out about evolution and study the evidence. It has to be a far more fruitful use of your time than doing this. Then make up your own mind.

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    6 years ago

    Has any animal ever been caught on video evolving into another animal?

    --- What you describe is not evolution.

    What you are talking about is mutation...or the Marvel Comics form of mutation anyway. When in the Savage Land, Magneto used one of his inventions to genetically alter some of the inhabitants in the manner you describe.

    Note: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are not authorities on the Theory of Evolution.

    This is the problem kids....once you start believing in invisible people with magic powers....then you have no grounds for not believing X-Men comics aren't pictorial history books.

  • 5 years ago

    No. Quick rundown: The origin of life is not scientifically called evolution, that is biogenesis. Evolution is the scientific theory that explains the diversity of life. Evolution is genetic change over time. Cats do not turn into dogs. Monkeys do not turn into people. Snakes to not turn into birds. Humans and all animal life on this planet have evolved from a common ancestor. We are animals, DNA alone proves this. So sad that people do not see the wonder and beauty on this planet, the connection we should have with the animals and plants, and be in awe that it came naturally. There was no "poof" involved.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I've not videotaped the electric field lines surrounding my computer, but I still believe Gauss' law works.

    I've not videotaped the sound of music, but I still believe music theory holds.

    You don't need to catch something on camera to prove it. In the case of evolution, you have an extensive selection of fossils that prove it. Even today, viruses evolve in a predictable manner, and the better we can predict it, the better we can fight it. Of course, evolutionary principles are how it is done.

    I had respect for this question when it was first posted in science and math. Nope, you're just as disingenuous as any other creationist.

  • Alexis
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    6 years ago

    "Has any animal ever been caught on video evolving into another animal?"

    No. That isn't how evolution works.

    "If not then do you only believe in evolution by faith alone?"

    No, I do not "believe in" evolution, nor is "faith" applicable to the subject.

    I *accept* evolution because it has been proven beyond any plausible refute by an absolutely *staggering* amount of compelling evidence.

  • vica
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    6 years ago

    Considering that video camera was invented in 1940's, I can guessestimate that no animal has been caught "evolving" on a camera.

  • 6 years ago

    I believe in evolution on the basis of evidence I have seen in scientific papers and in patent specifications. I believe in it because I know what it is, not the deliberately false things that creationists say it is.

    One animal evolving into another on video is an example of what evolution is not, and has obviously been concocted by either an ignoramus or a fraud.

    Another factor is that if evolution were not a fact, creationists would not have to lie persistently and deliberately about everything from archeology to zoology.

    Creationism is a fraud, intended to make money and political advantage from the stupid, the gullible and the ignorant. Which of those three are you?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Evolution is a animal belief with hatred and curse.

    The hatred is bad for God and some Christians are bad for their religions.

    The curse is bad for mother and some atheists are bad for their homes.

    The old saying is the life lies in movement.

    The celestial bodies motion shows strong universe sport ability.

    Man's idea and body are parallel universes.

    The life is stabilization.

    Evolution can not make birth from one animal to another animal and it has nothing with the origin of life.

    Source(s): Evolution is a joke
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    The theory of evolution does not say, or even suggest, that any individual animal evolves into another species.

    I don't "believe in" evolution. I merely note the theory is true, and has been proven true for a century and a half now. I've read the proof.

  • Bruce
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    6 years ago

    A great many things are known to exist that have never been videoed. Pretty much everything at the atomic level has been shown by inference. The existence of protons, neutrons and electrons is certainly established at the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt level, and so are the facts of evolution. Mixing faith and science is pointless.

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