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Canadian History Questions?

Please answer the following true or false questions (its for my exam) thanks:

1. The purpose of the Paris Peace Conference was to punish Germany.

2. The social credit party proposed to send each Canadian 25$ a month.

3. Speakeasies were places that sold illegal alcohol.

4. The Bowmarc missiles were purchased by the Canadian government during the cold war.

5. The league of nations was proposed by Mackenzie king.

6. The halibut treaty had to do with fishing rights between Canada and the US.

7. Prime Minister Bennett created the CBC.

8. The Winnepeg General Strike ended in a Peaceful compromise.

9. Bennett Buggies were engineless cars with horses attached.

10. Britain won the battle of Britain because it had smaller, faster planes.

11. Canadian soldiers participated in the Korean War.

12. Prime Minister St. Laurent Laurent passed the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Again, this is simple true or false. You could only answer the ones you know and answer as many as you can please? Also, if it is false, mind saying why? (briefly) thanks.

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    Yay my favourite! I love history, lol i have a history exam in 4 days.

    Lets get started!

    1.False, but somewhat true, The paris Pace confrence was to declare the official end of the war, (the armstice was on 11/11/14) but the official end of the war was declared here. Also this confrence was the start of the League of Nations, a group that germany was not apart of and their job was to make sure war like this never broke out again. Lol so much for that. Unfortunatly germany had a lot of crap to do, including to repair their OWN country along with paying damages to other allied nations, (called reparation costs) and this totled to being 4 TRILLION Dollars. They also lost the rhineland (part of germany) and their military was reduced to 100 000 men with no air support or armor. SO in essence they were punished pretty badly.

    2.True (facts off) William aberhart (the founder) gave not $25 but 20 bucks to his citizens, sounded good right? Where the heck is the money going to come from? the goverment was BROKE!

    3. True: Prohibition got on men's nerves, and they wanted beer thats all

    4.True: Basicly Canada bought some nuclear weapons from USA just for the threat of the cold war, and was secretly kept in all sorts of locations in Canada, for the purpose of norad.

    5. False: NO are you kidding me! canada was just a middle power, It was those big countries such as britain who created it, and let canada join in as a middle power.

    6.True: Basicly overfishing was becoming sorta bad Canada and the USA, so they both agreed to reduce the fishing in pacific waters =)

    7. False: WTF to make a long story short BEnnett was prime minister between 1930 to 1935 CBC was created due to the policy to produce canadian media (Over 50%) in the 1950'S

    8. FALSE NOPE. infact it was the opposite with hundreds wounded and 1 person dead, with no comprmise whatsoever no $2000 bonuses

    9.TRUE: their engines broke down, usually they would just sit theere, unless if they were rich enough to buy horses and feed em during the depression.

    10. False: there was no clear winner, but basicly what happend was that the luftwaffe (germans) started air raiding britain. on septmeber 7-9th 1940 Chirchill had enough and sent in hundreds of spit fires and hurricanes to combat them. Taken by surprise with overwlehming numbers, the germans retreated, and their raiding became less frequent.

    11. True

    12. False: John deifenbaker (Loui's predacessor) close though

    Thanks for helping me study

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