Atheists: Evolution doesn't make sense?

Evolution doesn't make sense. I understand that we have't found any fossils that are half of one animal and half of another because they're rare, but why is it just a coincidence that all the animals today are 100% there own species instead of a mixture of two? If evolution is true, we would expect an animal to have something in common with another animal, like maybe 70% one animal and 40% another. Can someone please explain this to me?

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  • 6 years ago
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    If something doesn't make sense, then either the original evidence wrong, or your conclusion based on the evidence is wrong. Read that idea somewhere.

    It's NOT a "coincidence" that most animals today are 100% their own species. Actually, hybrids DO exist, such as mules. Not in the wild though. Let's look at mules a little closer. Mules are half horse and half donkey. Now, mules are pretty strong, but unfortunately they're sterile - can't have babies. In nature, this would be a disadvantage, because the goal of nature is to reproduce and pass genes down to the next generation. So, the horses that liked to get with donkeys and the donkeys that liked to get with horses, their genes would die out, because their children, the mules, can't continue passing down those genes. In this way, nature selects for horses who get with horses and donkeys who get with donkeys.

    Pretty much every animal is part of a species, and species by definition are not hybrids. Biologists determine whether to put an animal in the category of an existing species or to create its own unique species based on the biological species concept, which basically asks the question: can they mate? Cats and dogs are separate species because they can't. Horses and donkeys are separate species because they can mate but their children can't.

    You seem to be misunderstanding some part of evolution - evolution doesn't necessarily want stuff to be the SAME. It doesn't really want hybrids. If an animal randomly gets a trait that lets it survive and reproduce better than other animals in the same species, then it'll survive and reproduce, and pass on that trait. This usually means that the better-reproducing animal will be more different, not more the same. But if you're asking why we don't have things like winged dogs, it's because evolution isn't perfect. Evolution can only make little changes to what's already there, but it can't really add new limbs where there's never been limbs before. However, flying is advantageous enough to have evolved separately in birds, bats, AND bugs!

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    Your exactly right "Evolution doesn't make sense".

    Why are we the only species to be the most intelligent? You don't exactly see animals talking at a human level.

    If we came from apes, then what happen to the apes that still exist? Were they not special enough to evolve or something.

    And you can't expect me to believe that everything in the universe, galaxy, or whatever came from one tiny little speck of dust.

    Atheist couldn't even answer these questions without going completely of course.

    Atheists: you can down vote me as much as you want, but it changes nothing.

    There is more at play here than some phoney theory (which is just that a theory), so there must be a creator.

    The person who first came up with the idea of evolution gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, why would he do that if evolution was true?

    You need to do more actual research than making up "theories".

    Find out who Jesus is and seek him today, no one's promised tomorrow!

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    Evolution doesn't work that way. A animal can evolve/adapt to their surroundings. Like the bobcat. It traveled North and over a few years it grew webbed feet so it could travel in the snow better. That bobcat is known as a Lynx. It's skeleton is exactly the same as the bobcat. Look at the seal. It is in transition. It once was a land mammal and now it is becoming a sea creature. No longer able to locate any prey on land it took to the oceans. There is a mouse in Australia. Within 10 years it's ears grew larger. Why? So it could hear it's prey better. Wolves evolved into domestic dogs. In the Old Testament there is a creature 1/2 man and 1/2 goat. The Satyr.

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    “…….intelligent design will not accept the well-established boundaries of science and openly rejects methodological naturalism, the way science has been practiced for centuries. Why? Because it has to. In the end, no matter how many stones intelligent design throws at the theory of evolution, the only alternative it presents for the development and diversity of life, the only explanation for how a bacterial flagellum or the human eye came to be is a miracle, an abrupt appearance, an act of supernatural creation. That, by itself, establishes intelligent design as a religious argument, not a scientific argument, for the creation of biological life……. “ – Opening Statement, Dover, PA trial, 2005

    “….The concept of biological evolution is one of the most important ideas ever generated by the application of scientific methods to the natural world. The evolution of all the organisms that live on earth today from ancestors that lived in the past is at the core of genetics, biochemistry, neurobiology, physiology, ecology, and other biological disciplines. It helps to explain the emergence of new infectious diseases, the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, the agricultural relationships among wild and domestic plants and animals, the composition of the earth's atmosphere, the molecular machinery of the cell, the similarities between human beings and other primates, and countless other features of the biological and physical world. As the great geneticist and evolutionist Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote in 1973, quote, Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution, unquote. …..” Quote from a National Academy of Sciences booklet, quoted by Ken Miller, PhD, at the Dover, PA Trial

    Would you really want to give up a theory that works and predicts so well and has led to so many beneficial understandings of how biology works?

    A theory is judged by its’ usefulness. Even theories that are flawed are kept and used as long as there are situations where they are known to be useful.

    Evolution is useful for biology. It is THE theory that ties everything else (biology, geology, paleontology, genetics, etc) together and makes it all make sense. Predictions made by Evolution match the observed facts better than any other theory. If and when something better is proposed, it will be adopted. Every mechanism needed for Evolution to work can be demonstrated (Corollary to Murphy’s Law – Anything that can happen, will happen.) Thus, Creation Science must demonstrate a mechanism that prevents Evolution (Not propose, but show that such a mechanism exists.)

    Now, does the Creation Science Theory meet the Usefulness Test? What verifiable prediction or beneficial result can it be used to make?

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  • Grant
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    6 years ago

    Evolution is defined as change over time basically. Darwin took principles from gradualism and malthusian theory to create his theory. That is besides the point, the reason you don't see that is because evolution is not about a species turning into another species. Evolution is about natural selection, adapting to the environment. Besides the fact, Evolution has hundreds of thousands of essays, books, physical evidence etc. backing it up, christianity has a man made book.

    Just for some examples of evolutionm

    Introns: Possibly though to be vestiges of once functional DNA, it also has the function of increasing recombination frequency

    Appendix/Coccyx, I presume you know this example

    Humans have avoided all of the conventional rules of evolution, hence why we do not really evolve. Those who have disease should die off, they don't, we have medicine, we should be running out of space, we don't, we build up, we should be running out of food, we aren't, we grow food.

    Canis Lupus turned to Canis Familiaris over many many years, a wolf became attached to a human, slowly they grew closer and closer, and the wolf turned to a partner of the human. Hence why wolves and dogs look different, dogs are looking to appease their human masters genetically.

    Of course the ever so famous Darwinian finches, beak sizes and shapes were different depending on what kind of nut they ate despite the fact they all look nearly identical in all other aspects and looked similar to each other.

    Endosymbiotic theory, the theory that a Plant cell for example took in photosynthetic cyanobacteria which later became Chlorplasts.

    I mean there is so much evidence, I could easily fill up a library. Physical evidence is not the only type of evidence in science. Evolution is a fact, how it works, when it happens, the mechanisms as to how species adapt is unknown. It is kind of like the brain, we know it exists, we know a lot about it, we know some of the mechanisms and how it works, but there is still so much more to discover and we are studying it daily. By the way, Just because you are an Atheist doesn't mean evolution has to be believed. I have many Catholic friends who are not creationists.

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    I'm not an Atheist, but Evolution doesn't equal Hybrid Animal-Humans.

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    You mean things like four legs, herbivores, main and tail, short hair, long snout, cloven hooves, same food processing internals, same number of toes, same bone structure same eyes on either side of the head etc., Just like we find in fossils.

    Here's a quest for you:

    Okay so man says a horse came from a smaller horse, from a smaller horse like creature from a smaller horse like creature.

    Go and find a fossil of a modern animal with a fossil of the animal evolutionary biologists say it came from. Or, if you prefer, find a declared ancestor of a modern animal we found in a fossil that is still walking around today.

    When you've finished your research and found NONE, then you may start to understand what evolution is all about.

    Oh and if you want to claim a modern horse couldn't come from a 2' tall horse like animal, go and take a look at the 250 breeds of dogs all decended from three female wolves (inter-bred man made evolution). Specifically, stand an Irish Wolfhound next to a Chihuahua, measure the size and weight difference. Much greater and more differentiated than the little and big versions of the "impossible" horse.

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    Evolution is a slow ongoing process. Although, there may not be any physical distinction in appearances long after we are gone, the progressive species may only have subtle differences from the species they branch off from that cannot be detected just by looking. Presently, there may be a marginal percentage evolved species among the normal population that have a head start on the adaptation to the changing environment.

    Humans overall are currently at the point of evolution called "homosapiens" ('thinking-man'), however, about 4% of the population has already advanced to the next stage undetected, called "homospiritus" (spiritual-man), which is demonstrated in people with a high spiritual awareness, such as saints and other "holy peoples." To us they may seem like ordinary people who abide by high spiritual principles, like the Dali Lama, but their evolution has not taken form in the physical sense, but rather in consciousness (the capacity to 'know' that we know).

    Evolution and creation are the same thing, just different terms for what the mind see as sequential change in physical appearances through perceptual observations. Creation without evolution means everything would remain as it was the moment it was created; and evolution without creation would mean there would be nothing to evolve from. Because the mind and it's perception operates linearly what it is perceives as evolution/creation is a 'this' becoming' a 'that', going from incomplete to complete. The mind is limited to the material paradigm of form and content, which is only the superficial surface of existence, and often neglect the nonlinear, formless process that signifies context and essence.

    Notice the stages of a seed growing into a flower and ultimately to decay. Each progressive stage is evolution on a micro level, where each increment of change represents the creation of a new form. What is actually occurring is a 'this' becoming more 'this', going from complete to complete, with every fleeting instant. Hence everything just 'is' what it is, , without labels and descriptions. This is the process of God revealing Himself by way of emergence, as energy and matter change form in the physical. Because God is all things, as omnipresence suggest, the mind which cannot comprehend God, sees the universe as separate in independent individual parts and imagines evolution/creation to have inherent existence in reality.

  • Martin
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    6 years ago

    1. What does atheism have to do with evolution?

    2. Yes it does

    3. Just because you can't understand something doesn't mean it isn't true.

    4. This is not the place to ask us to explain science to you. If you truly care about understanding evolution then try the YA! sections for science or r/askscience subreddit.

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    Atheist : Evolution doesn't make sense ? What do you THINK evolution is supposed to say ? Because its not about about one animal being half of another animal . Thinking is the key let us start by looking at the word EVOLVE TO DEVELOP OR ACHIEVE GRADUALLY . Take the Dog is that two animals together ? No so if a poodle breeds with a Yorkie you get some change in traits , hair color or texture leg size , body size . a certain trait may be dominate head size or mouth shape . those two continue to mate the characteristic is maintained .Do you know what viruses are ? they adapt to its environment . your blood , the virus is attacked by your white blood cells the stronger virus cells mutate a defense . Evolution is a slow process. . No one forces you to accept it it wont change your life it is logical . i. makes more sense to me it DEALS WITH REALITY . I can not same the same for creationism and neither can you

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