Home theater vs car audio SPL?

Why is home theater SPL numbers so much smaller than in car audio?. I have a dayton Ultimax 18 that can reach down to 116 dB at 19 hz. Yet my friend has two 12's in his car that can do a 152 dB. the lowest note he can hit is 36 hz, while mine is about 18 hz. My 18 should be able to out perform his two 12's, yet there's a huge 40-45 dB difference between both systems, but my 18 sounds louder and more powerful. To be able to double your spl you must have 4 times the subwoofer and 4 times the power. This doesn't explain this huge difference in dB

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  • NCA6.7
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    6 years ago

    Because home audio and car audio are completely different from each other. Your home audio system runs on 110v - 120v. Car audio systems run on 12v - 16v. Etc...

    If he's really hitting 150+ dB, he obviously has a good amplifier, a good enclosure, a good high end SPL sub, a good high output alternator, a good battery, a good wiring, etc...

    I have 4 15's in my car that can hit up to 164 dB.

  • 6 years ago

    One is in a small tin box, the other is in a big fluffy room that will never get high SPL.

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