what does an avatar of a god/godess do?

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  • ssrvj
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    6 years ago

    AVATHAARAM is Sanskrit Word.

    AVATHAARAM means descending down to Human level from DIVINE level.

    Ava Lambham

    Ava Kunditham

    Ava Rohanam

    Ava Lakshanam

    AVATHAARAM has been corrupted to AVATAR--a meaningless term.

    Lord Sri.Krishnau gives the Answer to the Question in Bhagavat Gita

    " Yadhaa Yadhaa Hi Dharmasya Glaanir Bhavathi Bharatha"

    "Abdhyutthaanam Adharmasya TatAathmaanam Srujaamyaham"

    Whenever there is a danger to Righteous conduct and rogues raise their head--I--Lord Krishna come to Earth ( AVATHAARAM) and destroy the rogues.

    " Parithranaaya Saadunaam Vinaasaaya cha Dushkrthaam"

    " Dharma Samsthaapanaaya Sambhavaami Yuge,Yuge "

    In order to protect people with Righteous conduct-- To annihilate rogues-Scoundrels-- to establish the Rule of Divine Law-- I -Lord Krishna come to Earth,every millennium.

  • Otto
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    6 years ago

    Avatar : an embodiment (as of a concept, philosophy, or tradition) usu, in human form.

    Source(s): Websters -Dictionary
  • 6 years ago

    it is the corporal incarnation of a Deity. pretty common in ancient religions for a god to assume human form and walk around.

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