Can I use silicone ice cube trays with polymer clay?

Obviously sticking the clay into the mold is the tricky part since the cavities are verrry thick but if I used translucent liquid sculpey and baked it would it work?

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  • 6 years ago

    You can use silicone molds with polymer clay, liquid polymer clay, and synthetic resins. Almost nothing will stick to silicone.

    The main problem is just with the smoothness of the silicone mold used, both for resin and for liquid polymer clay. If there are even teeny-teeny scratches, the surface of things like resin and clear liquid polymer clay would appear somewhat cloudy (though both can have a coat of clear polyurethane, for example, on top which would fill them in and create a smooth glossy surface). For that reason it's even recommended to let any moisture in silicone molds dry naturally in the air rather than being wiped out with paper towels, etc.

    Also, clear liquid polymer clays (and also epoxy resins) won't usually stay crystal clear throughout if they have much thickness to them. For resins that would be about 1/8" per layer, and for liquid clays (both remaining brands, but especially Translucent Liquid Sculpey) even less (and usually extra heat required). You could add transparent or more opaque colorants (or artists oil paints), or particulates like mica powders, etc, to keep that from being a problem though. See my previous answer (and links) here:

    Not sure what you mean about the "cavities" of the trays being very thick and so a problem. Do you mean the width of the cavity of each mold, or crevises with each cavity, or the actual walls between the molds?--or something else. And what would cause a problem?

    I just reread your question and see that you were referring to *solid* polymer clay though (I guess) in the first part of your question. Solid polymer clay can be molded in almost any material though, including silicone molds, and deeply or shallowly. (I just wrote a wikiHow article that covers that if you're interested: )

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