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NFL questions?

What NFL team do you think will be the next big thing? What I mean by this is the way Seattle emereged in 2012.

Also what do you think will be the next massive downgrade? What I mean by this is the raiders and rams being good in the early 2000s and now they suck.

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    I think the next big team to emerge will be the Colts. Yes, they lost big to the Pats and that makes them look like they aren't well positioned to be, but lets look at their history since Luck, Pagano and Grigson arrived:

    1. Year 1: Horrible team as far as talent goes. Over $37 million in dead money, so working with far less money than any other NFL team. They make the playoffs, don't win the division and lose in the first round of the playoffs. Not bad for a team expected to win 5-6 games max.

    2. Year 2: They win the division. Win against the Chiefs in the playoffs. Then lose to the Patriots in the playoffs. (1 playoff win)

    3. Year 3: Win the division again. Beat the Bengals in the playoffs. Go to Denver and beat the Broncos in the playoffs. Lose to the Pats in the AFC Championship game. (win 2 playoff games and make it to AFC Championship)

    There's several reasons why I think the Colts can emerge as a great team in the next few years:

    1. They are creating a balanced team approach. The focus isn't all on offense like it was in the Peyton years. They are trying to build a team like the Pats dynasty in the early 2000's.

    2. Andrew Luck is getting better and better. He's maturing into a great QB and he had some of the best stats in the NFL this past year.

    3. The Colts will have a lot of their best players coming back from injuries next year. The Colts were missing Ballard and Bradshaw, their 2 best RBs. They were also missing Robert Mathis the sack leader last year. They were also missing Donald Thomas, one of their best offensive line players. Not to mention a number of other guys.

    4. The Colts have a lot of players that are great developmental players that should start emerging here soon. There's guys like Daniel Adongo that could be a terror of a pass rusher. They also have a great pass rusher coming up in Jonathan Newsome. They also added Duron Carter which is a 6'5" tall wide receiver they can post opposite of Hilton. So if teams double team Hilton, it will leave Carter with single coverage and open for an easy completion. I also expect them to add a good RB from the draft. That and the defensive line seem at the top of their draft priorities. They also added the #1 pick from the 2012 CFL draft to their offensive line to beef up the offensive line. They already have the 2011 CFL #1 draft pick in Henoc Muamba that the Pats wanted to sign. Then there's guys like Swoopes that could be an excellent TE when they already have great ones with Fleener, Allen and Doyle. The Colts could end up having a lot of depth.

    5. Players seem to want to join the Colts over other teams. The Colts have landed guys like Carter, Muamba, Nicks, and others over at least 15 other teams that wanted those players. And numerous other players have stated that they wanted to play for the Colts that the Colts didn't take like Eric Decker last year. They Colts have several things going in their favor to attract quality players. First, they have Andrew Luck and players realize just how incredibly good he is and the great personality that Luck has. Secondly, the Colts have a head coach that is very likable and treats all of his players like family and works hands on with them. Third, the Colts have a GM that is very hands on. While other GMs will send out their lackeys to talk to prospective players. Grigson will usually meet and talk with them himself. While other GMs sit back and shoot the breeze with big-wigs during a game, Grigson is getting out his binoculars and studying the game and the players. He's always looking for the players that other teams have missed. And he knows other leagues inside out like the CFL because he's been a scout for them in the past. The approach the Colts take helps them find and draw players like other teams can't.

    5. The Colts have an owner that is willing to spend to win. Some owners like the Bears owner won't spend the money to win. If Irsay thinks he has a shot at winning the Super Bowl, he'll spend what it takes to win. But the Colts are also taking a long term approach to winning. Their goal is not to win just 1 Super Bowl. It is to set their team up so it can win multiple Super Bowls. I think Irsay was vastly disappointed that he only won 1 with Peyton when he knew he should have been able to win 3 or 4 if the team had been set up right. He wasn't going to let that happen again. That's why the first thing he did was fire Polian.

    6. The Colts are adding good coaching staff and preparing for the future. This past year the Colts added Chudzinski to the staff. And his impact could be seen on improvements to both the offense and defense. The Colts made sure to keep him around for 2015 by blocking him from being interviewed and offering him more pay. That also will allow for a coaching succession if Pep Hamilton gets offered a head coaching position next year. Chud could seemlessly move to OC. The Colts also added a great WR coach from the Bills that previously had worked with the Ravens.

    As Irsay said, the team isn't as far away from a Super Bowl title as the loss to the Pats would suggest. And the Super Bowl win will likely hurt the Pats next year. They'll have to pay their players more. They'll have other teams pursuing their players in free agency. They'll be targeted in the regular season, etc. Most Super Bowl winning teams take a drop the next year. And right behind the Pats sit the Colts, ready to capitalize.

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    I believe Texans. One of the best offensive lines in the NFL and that defense (JJ Watt and when Jadevon Clowney gets healthy they will be best). The are gearing young receivers in Hopkins, Martin and Johnson is still playkmg. MAJOR ISSUE QB Ryan Mallet played amazing put I don't think he can win super bowls

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    The next seattle could be the bills, there D is good and they only need a good QB, same with the Texans but i think there Offense is getting old and injured. From the Nfc The Rams are showing potential of being really good. Team that might suck, 49ers, Falcons, seahawks if the cap screws them, and patriots but i mean when tom brady and bilichick are gone.

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    Arizona and Indianapolis

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