Name 10 children! Plus BQ! Best answer will go to most descriptive!?

1. Your first child is a boy. His name corresponds with your favorite color

Red: Elliot

Orange: Dylan

Yellow: Geoffrey

Green: Andrew

Blue: Samuel

Other: Thomas

His middle name is your grandfathers name.

2. Your second child is a girl. Her first name is nature themed. Her middle name is based off a color.

3. Our third child is another girl. Her first name is unisex. Her middle name starts with the letter M.

4. Your fourth child is a boy. His initials are S.C.

5. Your fifth child is a girl. Her first name corresponds with your favorite ice cream flavor.

Vanilla: Katherine

Chocolate: Emmaline

Mint. Colette

Strawberry: Rosalie

Other: Jules

Her middle name is your choice.

6. Your sixth child is another boy. His first name is your favorite boys name, his middle name is your least favorite.

7. Your seventh child is a girl. Her name is one of my top five favorite girls names. Charlotte, Avery, Madeleine, Emery, or Aubrey. Her middle name is your favorite girls name.

8. Your eighth child is a boy. His first name is after your favorite character from a movie or tv show. His middle name starts with a K.

9. Your ninth child is a boy. His first name is very manly and his middle name has something to do with a color.

10. Your tenth child is a girl. Her first name is your really long and elegant, her middle name is usually used on boys. (IE. David, James, Thomas, etc.)

BQ: What do your children look like? What are they interested in? What is their future? Answer!!


Feel free to add nicknames but please don't change any spellings of the names already given!

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  • 6 years ago
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    Thomas Pieter

    River Scarlett

    Devon Morena

    Seamus Corwin

    Katherine Helena

    Beckett Paul

    Avery Claudia

    Julian Kincaid

    Malcolm Grey

    Cassandra Blake

    Tom, River, Devon, Seamus, Kat, Beck, Avery, Jules, Mal and Cassie.

    Devon, Seamus and Avery are redheads, River, Beckett, Malcolm and Cassandra have light brown hair, and Thomas, Katherine and Julian have dark brown hair. Blue eyes except for River, Devon, Katherine and Beckett who have green.

    Interests & Future

    Thomas - basketball, hockey, piano and computers. Becomes a history professor.

    River - climbing, cello, web design, sci-fi and physics. Becomes an aerospace engineer at NASA.

    Devon - math, cooking, science and geography. Becomes an oceanograher.

    Seamus - soccer, rugby, guitar, dj-ing and baking. Becomes a composer for films and television.

    Katherine - piano, guitar, violin, comics and theatre. Forms an indie rock band.

    Beckett - trumpet, reading, cycling, photography and sci-fi. Becomes a newsmagazine editor.

    Avery - roller derby, crochet, gymnastics, swimming and sci-fi. Becomes a robotics engineer specializing in adaptive technology (prosthetics, etc)

    Julian - swimming, surfing, computers and reading. Becomes a 3-D printer developer.

    Malcolm - surfing, guitar, computers, painting and food. Becomes an international travel writer.

    Cassandra - dance, surfing, poetry, theatre and mixed media art. Works for an NGO in international peace relations.

  • 6 years ago

    Thomas David

    River Violet

    Charlie Matilda

    Samuel Craig

    Rosalie Grace

    Frederick Gabriel

    Aubrey Hazel

    Augustus Kyle

    James Blue

    Charlotte David

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    6 years ago

    Elliot Nathaniel

    Astrid Ruby

    Aubrey Meredith

    Samson Carter

    Katherine Louise

    Levi Gregory

    Charlotte Isabel

    James Keaton

    Benjamin Forest

    Victoria Thomas

  • 6 years ago

    1. Thomas Eldon

    2. Dawn Violet

    3. Avery Mariah

    4. Samuel Christopher

    5. Rosalie Elizabeth

    6. Ezekiel Kaden

    7. Charlotte Aliyah

    8. Jake Kieren

    9. Joseph Gray

    10. Victoria Logan

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  • 6 years ago

    Dylan William

    Jacinta Violet

    Payton Maelle

    Samuel Carson

    Emmaline Piper

    Joshua Michael

    Avery Scarlett

    James Kyle

    Hunter Grayson

    Evianna Reece

  • 6 years ago

    Thomas George

    Flora Mauve

    Bailey Moon

    Stephen Cedar

    Katherine Rose

    Quinlan Clayton

    Madeleine Elizabeth

    Damian Kaydon

    Granite Blue

    Annabelle Seth

  • 6 years ago

    Geoffrey Stewart

    Ivy Violet

    Harper Matilda

    Sebastian Cole

    Jules Imogen

    Elijah Truman

    Madeleine Lila

    Chandler Koby

    Harrison Ash

    Esmeralda James

  • 6 years ago

    1. Thomas George

    2. Willow Indigo

    3. Dylan Melody

    4. Sailor Cooper

    5. Rosalie Sarah

    6. Emmett Carl

    7. Madeleine Elliott

    8. Beck Kai

    9. Anthony Greyson

    10. Calliope Oliver

  • 6 years ago

    1. Dylan Maxwell

    2. Willow Cerise

    3. Taylor May

    4. Sebastian Cole

    5. Colette Tuesday

    6. Vincent Dewayne

    7. Charlotte Olivia

    8. Jason Kain

    9. Roland Gray

    10. Constance Todd

  • 6 years ago

    1. Thomas Peter

    2. Lily Scarlet

    3. Rowan Mae

    4. Samuel Christopher

    5. Emmaline Faith

    6. Luke Aiden

    7. Charlotte Elizabeth

    8. Flynn Karson

    9. Russell Grey

    10. Esmeralda Gabriel

  • 6 years ago

    Elliot Christopher

    Nova Hazel

    Dylan Anneke

    Sawyer Channing

    Jules Colby

    James Sean

    Aubrey Melissa

    Jace Kale

    Mason Gray

    Scarlett Carson

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