What video card should I get?


I have a Gateway DX4860-EF31P desktop with a NIVIDIA GeForce GT520 video and I was wondering what would be a good upgrade to replace my current video card?

Not looking for anything expensive or that would require me to replace other hardware. Looking for a decent upgrade is all.


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  • Thomas
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    5 years ago
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    An nVidia GTX 750 or 750 Ti would be good I think. They offer good performance without requiring much power, many models are compact, and will be a big step up from a 520.

    I expect you will be alright for your power supply. The system already has a graphics card, the 750/750 Ti will draw around 40 extra Watts compared to the 520 and I really doubt your system was sold with such a small margin. But do check the wattage just in case. 400W or more is no worries unless it's a real garbage PSU. 300/350 W is probably OK. Less than 300 Watts and I would worry somewhat, consider measuring the current power draw when running a CPU and GPU stress test together to find out how much headroom there is.

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  • 5 years ago

    The video card I recommend for general computing and light to medium gaming is the Radeon R7-260X. For heavier gaming maxed out I recommend the Radeon R9-270X, which is like the former Radeon 7870. There is also the Radeon R9-280X, which is very expensive, and is like the former Radeon 7970. (If you prefer NVidia cards, the GeForce 750 is like the 260X.)

    Remember, computers are built with a power supply just barely able to power them as they are. A video card of any kind requires an upgrade of the power supply. Even the video cards that don't have extra power connections can draw up to 75 watts from the motherboard. I recommend 750 watts, major name brand, semi-modular or full modular, 80+ rated, single 12 volt rail, active PFC, and so on. It's always best to have more power than you need. Power supplies are happiest running below their maximum, and they live much longer lives. You don't want to have to buy a whole new power supply in a few years just because you skimped today, do you? :O

    You MUST buy a power supply to feed your system plus video card! :)

    ~Helpful ~Cindy! :)

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  • 5 years ago

    The next step up from a GT520 would be the Nvidia GTX 650 and the Intel i3 as the processor. Not exactly cheap,but that's pretty much bottom of the barrel for a new build that will handle everything you need perfectly. Your build now is pretty dated,I'm guessing it lags and crashes a bit. This combo will run everything smoothly from multitasking,facebook games and even things like loading and scrolling through the Internet will be much smoother and faster. Oh wait. I see. You just want a video card. Then forget the i3 and just get the GTX 650. Although it won't help your performance as much as a new processor.

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  • 5 years ago

    the best "decent upgrade" you can get that is really worth the money is a gtx 750/750ti, they dont consume much power so if your pc has a low watt psu, then your good, and it plays most games at med-high, like bf3 is a nice med 60+fps game (high 30+ fps)

    i see your gateway has an i5 installed, im guessing sandy or ivy bridge, so if you REALLY wanted balls to the wall gaming, look on ebay and see if you can pick up a 7970 or something, i got a 7950 for $135 (about the price of a 750ti) and it runs great. i recommend getting something other than XFX if you dont wanna replace the fan (unlike me) (i got an xfx one and it is loud) asus is fine for it, but it is a triple slot card, most ppl go for the sapphire one, they are nice.

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  • Reese
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    5 years ago

    i got a gtx 660 it is not the best but i can play high end games.

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