Does the "Get Rid Tattoo Naturally" book provide helpful information?

I'm researching ways to remove a small tattoo, but if possible want to avoid lasers, damaging creams, or cutting it out/scraping it off. I found this book, but everytime I research it all I get is their ******* sales pitch. I've been looking for an hour now, but there are no reviews it all just tells me AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN that it "teaches you how to combine cheap, natural ingredients" "it's so great and won't harm you at all!" "Look at these pathetically short testimonials that are poorly written in english!" and blah blah blah. Has anyone actually TRIED this?? I'm not willing to spend money on it unless it will be useful, I would rather save up for lasers. I am looking for an ACTUAL criticism, like does it actually work? Or does it take longer than it claims to rid you of your tattoo? How hard is it to get your money back within their "guarantee" if it isn't helpful? Is it truly painless? Does it smear your ink everywhere as it works (because having a black blob on my ankle for the summer would suck)? Anything, please help!

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    I wish there was a 'natural way' to get rid of unwanted tattoos! But the truth is, is that it's all nonsense in my opinion! I know you don't want laser - but it is the safest way! I'm going through sessions of laser, have my next session on Saturday! It does hurt, but it's far more effective than all the 'creams' and 'natural' ways to get rid of tattoos! Speak to a reputable laser skin specialist - have a consultantation with them and take it from there! Also if you did have laser - I can assure you you won't regret it :)

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    Tattoos are permanent and i don't think there's a way to get rid of them naturally because they're inside the layers of the skin.

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    My Tattoo Removal Method -

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    only tip is lemon juice.

    it lightens pigmentation, whether it be tattoos, dark spots, stretch marks, evens skin tone,etc.

    its amazing stuff

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