RPG Maker XP question?

Hey guys,

Again with the very old games,

BUT, I do recall a way of having the BGM playing on the map continue into a battle scene, no cuts, no restarting.

The only problem is can't remember how.

Can someone help please?

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  • 5 years ago

    I think you have to set the overworld theme as the default battle theme. At least that's how it is with RPG Maker 2003.

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  • 5 years ago

    One way is to make a copy of the "call_battle" method in Scene_Map and paste it above main (not forgetting to enclose it in the "class Scene_Map" and "end" as I sometimes STILL do!).

    Outside the class make a constant, e.g. BATTLE_MUSIC = false. Right above "$game_system.bgm_stop" put an "if BATTLE_MUSIC" condition and "end" it right below "$game_system.bgm_play($game_system.battle_bgm)". This should play the current map BGM through the battle, but it will still play the victory and battle end sounds before "fading in" the BGM. To prevent that, in "Scene_Battle 2" you'd need to put an "if BATTLE_MUSIC" condition right after the "$game_system.me_play($game_system.battle_end_me)" - you'd have to put BATTLE_MUSIC in a separate module and recall it using MODULE::BATTLE_MUSIC.

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    Source(s): http://blog.rpgmakertimes.info (I'll update a scriptlet to disable the BGM/ME completely and have just the map BGM playing throughout.)
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