3 possible efforts we can all engage in to influence a positive change in media?

In regards to bad portrayal of women and other races in the media.. What can we do to influence a positive change in media using extreme stereotypes. Like over sexualizing women and such..

please give me 3 efforts we can engage in to influence a change in the media

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Get rid of political correctness. It has killed honest debate and free speech.

    Get rid of the prevalence of celebrity "news". People famous only for their body parts, lack of any real talent, performances in porno films, and selfies need to be edged (or preferably pushed) right off of centre stage.

    Make the media more accountable to the public, and less to the government and the fleetingly famous.

    (Sorry, got 4) Begin to educate children at a very young age, especially women, to value their individuality whilst also teaching them civics. Teach them to question the world around them, to value their minds, and to value their bodies for what they can do, not for what they look like.

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