What did you guys think of ROH's 13th Anniversary Show last night?

I thought it was brilliant. AJ Styles and ACH stole the show in my opinion.

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  • 5 years ago
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    I thought it was awesome

    Source(s): 46 yrs a REAL wrasslin fan
  • rick
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    5 years ago


  • 5 years ago

    not a fan of the clusterfuck win by luck finish for the main event. didn't know what happened until they did the replay. it was OVERBOOKED.

    • Clobberin' Time!
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      5 years agoReport

      I actually called that ending I dunno but when the match was just about to begin I thought of the Four way match WWE had long ago with Cena HBK Orton and Edge and it ended just like that and I havent seen it since and thought "what if it happens tonight".

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