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Where are some good places to get custom figure skating dresses?

I'm doing a USFSA competition in April, and I want to know where I can get dresses $150 or less, all the other places that i've been to are overrated. Please Help!

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    The only possible way you are going to get a "custom" dress for less than $150 is to buy a bunch of cheap lycra, elastic, and thread and sew it yourself.

    As Elizabeth said, you can get an off-the-rack dress for about $150 that will be better.

    You want to know why custom dresses are expensive? TIME and EFFORT. It takes the person making the dress considerable time to transfer your measurements to their pattern for a dress, and then they hand-cut the fabric and sew it together. Brad Griffies has some photos of his process on his Facebook page. It takes him days to finish just one dress. When you buy a custom dress, you are not just paying for the dress, you are paying for the time it takes to make it.

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    You will not get a custom made figure skating dress for less than $150 (my simplest, most rhinestone- and decoration-free dress cost $225). You're more likely to find a decent stock dress for that price, which you can then dress up with the money you've saved from not buying a custom dress.

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