Ebay scam?

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding a possible internet scam through ebay (sorry for the length). I recently tried to purchase an item off of ebay and the seller's page mentioned that he took paypal. When I tried to make a paypal payment (it went through) the seller told me that he could not take paypal payment and asked through my email to make my payment through "ASecureCart". When I made my payment through this method, he sent the "ebay invoice" as he told me he would but no money has come out of my account. He said that he did not require immediate payment and that the item is on auction (and he has updated my ebay messages to show I have paid for the item) but on the item selling page the item is not listed as for auction. Sorry for being so long winded but I'm am concerned that this may be a scam as many of the details don't seem to match up. Should I be talking to my bank about stopping the payment before he takes it off my credit card (is that even possible?)Thanks to anyone for any incites you may have on this.

P.s the selling company was "1st Choice Media Inc." (but selling through ebay)


Forgot to mention that although the paypal said it was accepted the seller cancelled that transaction without taking the money

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  • 5 years ago
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    Leave it buddy, ASAP. Ebay is murky enough already as it is, when you see funny things like that, just leave it. Don't regret fast made decisions.

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    • SD5 years agoReport

      Did you use paypal, if so then definitely, otherwise contact your bank immediately, good luck

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  • 5 years ago

    The first thing to do is cancel that card. You have now given the number to a scammer who will probably not use it personally, but will sell it to others around the world. It could take days for charges to start showing up. BTW: You also gave him all of your personal info that the site requested. Can you say Identity Theft? Follow this link to see what steps to use to protect yourself. https://www.fdic.gov/consumers/privacy/criminalsco...

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