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How good is the Italian Judicial System...?

Considering that the first known f***k up was the one with Pontius Pilate?

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    CrazyGuy, you don't know Italian Judicial System.

    In Italy a trial has three stages. I'll illustrate how our system works using the example of Amanda Knox as "CrazyGuy" suggests.

    Amanda Knox was found guilt in the first stage and condemned to 26 years of imprisonment. At this point Italian Judicial system guarantees the right, to both the accuse and the defense, to appeal to another court (Corte d'Appello), if the sentence doesn't please one of the two parts. The Corte d'Appello can either confirm the sentence or invalidate it, in Amanda Knox's case her lawyers requested the judgement of Corte d'Appello which invalidated the first sentence for lack of proofs and inaccuracies in the investigations.

    Then again both the accuse and the defense can appeal to the last court, Corte Suprema di Cassazione, similar to US Supreme Court. If someone is found guilt or innocent in this final step, then the sentence is definitive and cannot be reverted.

    Amanda Knox has faced two of the three steps but as it's its right, the accuse requested for the Cassazione to reevaluate the whole trial. Now it is to that very court to establish if Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent.

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  • Giuly
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    5 years ago

    Italian judicial system sucks.

    However Americans are the last people in the world to judge it.

    After all Italy doesn't have death penalty.

    I was very shocked after watching the movie Devil's knot...

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  • 5 years ago

    Thunder is correct.........most posters here have little understanding of the Italian court system, and the series of appeals and re-trials and then confirmations of those verdicts. It's a slow, tedious process.........but ultimately extremely thorough and FAIR.

    Funny how Americans talk of Kangaroo courts, seeing as they released OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony.

    They did everything but sign their names to the murder scenes.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Pilate was Roman

    Italy did not exist as a country until the late 1800's

    Now to give you the answer you didn't want I refer you to the search term Maxi Trial

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Compared to the United States, the Italian justice system is horrifying. Even if you're found not guilty there, if they still think you are they can put together another trial. There is no double jeopardy protection in the Italian courts.

    Source(s): Amanda Knox.
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  • Joy
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    5 years ago

    Pontius Pilate was a genius IMHO.

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