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Do atheists need an ark?

I Noah guy

prepare for the next flood jesus is cumming

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    cumming? Really? LOL

    Noah's Ark: A biblical story with moral underpinnings, but lacks actual evidence for its occurrence; both the Ark and a World Wide flood. From a scientific perspective and our knowledge about how nature works, a critical analysis of the story is shown at: After you read this analysis, you will see why the story fails the evidence test, not just on one aspect of the story, but on hundreds of logistical and factual inconsistencies with present day workings of nature. It's one thing to have a belief that God Did It, it's another to twist reality and ignore the evidence from biology, geology, demography, and even the science and physics of ship building (that is covered in the article) that makes the story impossible.

    Although repeated endlessly by Creationists, about the evidence for a world-wide flood, there is no evidence. Read: Nor as an integral part of the myth is the earth only 6,000 years old

    In addition, Creationists will tell you the 8 people on the Ark had enough time in only a few thousand years to repopulate the earth and contribute to the genetic diversity of present day human populations. A careful analysis of that assumption from the perspective of molecular biology, population genetics, and demography (human populations over time) shows how improbable and impossible is that scenario.

    Humans evolved over 200,000 years ago in Africa, and that we do have evidence for. and mitochondrial DNA shows the migration patterns of humans out of Africa:

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    Here is what I have learned from both sides of the fence. The universe is about 14.5 billion years old. While God did create it, he also used science to seed life here and watch it develop. He provided some spiritual direction in as much as he inspired some holy men to write things down that we now call a Bible. Sadly many have corrupted the Bible which has led to Atheism. Also religion and its leaders have led many away from their spiritual side instead of seeing the bigger picture. The flood was only in the area of Mesopotamia where man resided. There is a God and he truly is a God of love. He has lovingly given us free will so we may learn, develop and grow as a species. Everyone wants to blame him when they suffer problems from their own bad decisions. They forget to thank him for all he has done when things go right. He is so very forgiving and really wants the best for all of us. But if he rescues us from our problems we will not learn to solve them on our own. He will help you if you ask him for help but because so many do not believe him they do not see it when he helps them. He wants all the souls to return to him, the source of our life. The only way to do that is by showing unconditional love to one another.

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    Jesus says no.

    Fact: Jesus is an atheist too and he trolled all of you.

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