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Becoming a video game designer... Any tips?


So, after about 4 years of thinking, ive came to the conclusion that i want to become a video game developer/designer. I was told by the college of my choice that i must provide a portfolio of my own work. I draw occasionally while bored and id say im DECENT, but normally im watching tutorials on how to draw, i can provide some of my work for reference but i would appreciate some help in what resources i would need to get started. Could anyone tell me what programs would be recommended?

Update 2:

By programs i mean Photoshop and etc.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Make your designs unique and different, i know its hard to do but hey!

    add lots of details to your designs and make it stand out. try using blender if your doing 3d stuff and its free but

    cinema 4d, photoshop and after effects etc. are good tools but they are expensive. In my school library, there is a book called something like 'video game design course'(not sure) it has a lot of images and ways to make your game look very nice. it has pictues of video game characters and you can look through them and see what ideas they used.

  • 6 years ago

    Learn Java

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