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Teenager moving from Canada to Alabama!!! Help!!!?

I'm in grade 11 from Toronto and will have to move to Alabama because of my mothers job.

I've never ever been to the states, and I don't know much about the south expect the racist history so I have a few questions.

(don't mean to offend) is Alabama still racist? I'm middle eastern and I heard Alabama is very white.

Do they all have accents? I was hoping to fit in because moving in the middle of the year will bring me enough attention, I don't want to sound too different..

Will I have to get my license all over again? (please be no)

And has anyone experienced moving from Canada to Alabama or vice versa? What are the major cultural differences?

I know they own guns and stuff.

Thank you if you answer!!!

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    Moving from Canada to anywhere in the U.S. will give you culture shock, and the deep South is much different than other parts of the U.S. You will have to get your license all over again which you would have to do even if you moved from one state to another.

    The food is totally different, and the people are friendly but will seem strange to you, as you will seem strange to them.

    Depending on where you live in Alabama determines how the people act and what they do. Those living in the big cities do not do the same things that those living in the country do. They do not have an accent but you do, in other words every region in the world has an accent, so this should be fun if you let it be fun.

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    Alabama is very Black. It will be a different culture than you are used to. People your age are certainly less bigoted than the older generations. If you have a regular drivers license, it should transfer easily.

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