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Yugioh Zombie deck (red-eyes zombie dragon)?

I want to improve my deck without adding xyz/synchro/pendulum/banned (april ban list)

3 red-eyes zombie dragon

2 paladin of the cursed dragon

1 patrician of darkness

1 zombie mammoth

1 blood sucker

3 pyramid turtle

1 master kyonshee

1 spirit reaper

1 regenerating mummy

1 des lacooda

1 marionette mite

1 plague wolf

2 zombie master


3 zombie world

1 magical stone excavation

1 book of life

1 call of the mummy

2 terraforming

1 field barrier

1 ribbon of life

1 swords of revealing light

1 raigeki

2 mystical space typhoon


1 tutan mask

2 changing destiny

1 bottomless trap hole

1 nightmare wheel

1 mirror force

2 negate attack

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    Well first of all, when building any deck, look at every card and think:

    "If I use this card will I end up with less cards overall, compared to my opponent, than I would have if I didn't use this card?"

    If the answer is yes, don't use it.

    There are a couple of times where this doesn't hold true, such as with cards like Shaddoll Fusion where technically you use 3 cards (Fusion + 2 monsters) to get just one (Fusion monster), but this balances itself out since the monsters you use for the fusion can either come from your deck, or their effects will mitigate the card loss.

    So with this in mind lets go through your deck and eliminate all the cards which will straight up just lose you cards. So stuff like Magical Stone Excavation, Swords Of Revealing Light, Changing Destiny, Nightmare Wheel and Negate Attack should all be eliminated.

    Then you want to look at cards which are situational, so only have a very particular use which won't occur very often. So now we look at cards like:

    Patrician Of Darkness (you'll have to tribute off monsters to summon it, so won't really be restricting your opponent's choices, plus 2000 attack for a bad effect and a tribute is not worth it)

    Blood Sucker (Both this and Spirit Reaper do the same thing, neither can attack over most monsters, but Reaper can't be destroyed by battle)

    Master Kyonshee (It's a normal monster, so it will always be worse than an effect monster unless you'r eplaying a dedicated normal monster build)

    Regenerating Mummy (How likely is it that your opponent will be playing a discard card?)

    Des Lacooda (You set it and desperately hope your opponent can't summon anything that can attack?)

    Plague Wolf (Very rarely will you need 2000 atk over 1900/1800 from Paladin/Zombie Master, except they then have useful effects as well.

    Field Barrier (You're better off just running another field spell, because this is dead on its own, or if they return your field spell to your hand, or banish it, because then you can't even activate the field spell again)

    Ribbon Of Life (You have a much better card with Zombie Master, except Zombie Master can't be hit by MST)

    Tutan Mask (Not that many cards that see play will target, it might save you from one Dimensional Prison, but even then pretty much nobody runs that, and it requires you to have drawn this the turn before they draw D-Prison for it to even help)

    So now we have eliminated most of the bad cards from your deck it's time to add in some better ones:

    +1 Paladin Of The Cursed Dragon

    +3 Goblin Zombie

    +3 Mezuki

    +1 Zombie Master

    +1 Foolish Burial

    +1/2 Creature Swap (To use with Goblin Zombie/Pyramid turtle)

    +2 Mirror Force

    +1 Bottomless trap Hole

    Even with just those simple changes you're allowing yourself to have more consistent hands, because now everything summons stuff, or searches stuff, or gets rid of your opponent's monsters permanently.

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  • couty
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    4 years ago

    Yugioh Red Eyes

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  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" should do well in a Dragon deck. Once "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" is released, these decks will do even better. For "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" to work well in the deck, you will need to use a lot of it's support cards such as "Red-Eyes B. Chick" and "Red-Eyes Wyvern". Hope this helps!

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