I am getting request to upgrade to a new version of yahoo mail IS this a scam or legitimate?

Dear Yahoo user,

This is a final notification that Yahoo Mail will be replaced by our new version, it's time to upgrade before you lose your email access.


Your email service won't be affected, and you will keep all your old Contacts, Folders and Messages

faster email

the latest spam protection

unlimited email storage.

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  • 6 years ago
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    This sounds like a phishing email designed to collect your account information. If Yahoo sends you an email it will address you by your real name, never as Dear User, Dear Yahoo Account Holder, or Dear Yahoo Mail User. Yahoo sends emails from a @cc.yahoo-inc.com address only. Yahoo will never send you an email asking that you change, update, or verify your account information by clicking on a link in the email.

    Protecting yourself from "phishing" or "spoofing" - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/SLN2092.html?impres...

    Reporting a phishing email sent from a Yahoo! email address - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/SLN3477.html?impres...

    Legitimate Yahoo communications versus Internet scams - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail-for-desktop/legitim...

    You can get the Yahoo Account team to check if the message you received was actually sent by Yahoo by following the steps below.

    Start here - https://io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?page=home&...

    Click on "Yahoo Mail" and select the version you need help with.

    Under Topic select "Abuse and spam"

    Under Subtopic select "Email asking for account information"

    Under Recommended Options you will find more information.

    One option is to click on the "Email" link

    Fill out the form completely

    Click the "Create Request" button

  • ?
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Pure SPAM

    Identify legitimate Yahoo communications

    Have you received an email or phone call claiming to be sent by Yahoo? Don't worry! We'll help you confirm if it's truly from us.


  • Sharon
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    That is a phishing scam. Ignore and delete it. Yahoo has already converted you to the latest mail version automatically.

  • 6 years ago

    I am also, I accidently let my mouse hover over it and my mailing has transformed to a tiny window I can not use now. If I can not get this changed back I will be forced to shut down my account...PLEASE HELP HERE

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  • 5 years ago

    i received an update Yahoo request from this link, do not click or hover over it, it is SPAM

    "Yahoo! Mail Team" <nanflolapointe@hotmail.com>

  • odumbo
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    That's spam

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It's probably spam, especially if it was in your email spam folder. But since we are not Yahoo customer service, it's really hard to tell.

  • 6 years ago

    I am also, I accidently let my mouse hover over it and my mailing has transformed to a tiny window I can not use now.

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