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Cashier at fast food restaurant?

so i got a job im being a cashier at a fast food restaurant and im so stressed !! I get nervous when i have to do stuff fast such as giving the change as quick as possible ! does the register machine or touch screen menu thing tells you the change you give? what to expect etc

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    The register will tell you how much change to give. If they hand you a $20 bill, all you do is hit $20 and the register will tell to give then something like $14.22. Just give the customer a $10 bill, two $2 bills, two dimes and two pennies. It's really simple. Plus after you do it for a while (or if you're good at math) you'll be able to do it quickly. I just started my first fast food job (worked in a deli and as a toys sales associate before) and I can tell you that being a cashier isn't hard. I've only been at Arby's for 3 days and it's pretty simple.

    And make sure you count the change back correctly. Don't rush where you'll miscount the change.

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    When I was 15 I worked for an independant contractor doing manual labor and cutting grass. I got paid 10/hr for it. I loved it. If that's not your style try to work at the YMCA or something. Work is easy. You can work front desk or in the gym wiping down equipment. Good place to be social and meet people while making money.

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    The register will tell you how much change to give but you should be able to calculate the change in your head without the register telling you. Practice at home with a relative or a friend so you get more comfortable counting change.

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    It' s Real sad that young people don't know how to make & count back change

    Especially scary that these people are the Doctors & Lawyers of the future.

    Yes, the register will tell you what to give

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    Stop being a pu$$y

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