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What do you think of each of these boy names?

















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    Alexander - I personally have never found this name appealing, too cliche and commonly used as a "filler name"

    Benjamin - I adore this name! I think the nickname Benny is too cute!

    Clayton - It is not too common, but I would personally never use it. Awkward saying it to me.

    Dustin - Never have liked this name... nothing cute about it

    Edmund - Too old sounding for me. Not appealing

    Edward - Never have liked this name, or the way it sounds... too harsh

    Elias - I only like the fact that you could call him Eli for short

    Gregory - Too old man sounding

    Jesiah - Is this a name? It is cute though!

    Jonathan - Love this spelling. Jon is cute for a nickname!

    Lemuel - Do not like this at all

    Lucas - Can never go wrong with this name. Such a cute sound, and Luke just makes it even more adorable

    Samuel - Eh, never have been fond of it

    Theodore - Do not like this at all. Theo is cute though

    Thomas - Do not like this one at all, never have

    Tyler - Simple, and cute!

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    On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the names as follows:

    Alexander- 9/10- Very handsome, strong name.

    Benjamin- 7/10- It's pretty good. I especially like it with the nickname Ben or Bennie.

    Clayton- 6/10- I'm not really a fan.

    Dustin- 7/10- It's nice, but not one of my favorites.

    Edmund- 7/10- A little old fashioned, but still a good name.

    Edward- 7/10- See Edmund

    Elias- 4/10- I don't really like the sound of this name.

    Gregory- 10/10- Excellent name.

    Jesiah- 7/10- Very good.

    Jonathan- 9/10- I like this name quite a bit. It has a very nice flow to it.

    Lemuel- 3/10- I personally don't like this name very much.

    Lucas- 8/10- Nice, handsome name.

    Samuel- 9/10- I really like this name. Sounds professional and has the possible nickname Sam or Sammy.

    Theodore- 7/10- Strong, masculine name with a lot of possible nicknames.

    Thomas- 7/10- Has an old fashioned (but not outdated or dusty) feel to it.

    Tyler- 6/10- It's just okay.

    Hope this helps!

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    Alexander -- I know four Alexander's (Alex) 7/10

    Benjamin -- 6/10

    Clayton -- 8/10

    Dustin -- my cousins name (I also know a girl with this name) 6/10

    Edmund -- I like it 8/10

    Edward -- I like Edmund more 6/10

    Elias -- 5/10 not a fan

    Gregory -- 5/10 also not a fan

    Jesiah -- 4/10 probably my least favorite (sorry)

    Jonathan -- 6/10 nice name, just not one I like

    Lemuel -- I've never heard of it but it isn't bad 6/10

    Lucas -- one of my favorite names! Love it 10/10

    Samuel -- again not really a fan 5/10

    Theodore -- 5/10 pretty average

    Thomas -- I think Tommy is super cute I don't know why 7/10

    Tyler -- I think it's becoming more common for girls 5/10

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    I absolutely love Alexander, Benjamin, Edward, Edmund, Jonathan, Samuel, Theodore and Thomas.

    Gregory, Lucas and Tyler are nice, too, and Elias is also nice, though a bit unusual but I like the sound of it.

    However, I don't like Dustin and I really dislike Clayton, Jesiah and Lemuel a lot (sorry ...).

    But that's just my opinion. Name your child whatever you want, none of these names are the kind of names we should report you to the social services for, haha. They're all okay.

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    Clayton bothers me because the suffix "ton" actually makes this a town name.

    Dustin just reminds me of dust.

    Edmund just isn't as pleasing to the ear as Edward is.

    Elias sounds annoying.

    Gregory sounds dorky.

    Jesiah irks me because I find the "ah" sound at the end of guy's names is too feminine (like Sophia, Isabella, etc.)

    Jonathan I find very boring.

    Lemuel for some reason grosses me out.

    Lucas is "soft". I prefer Luke. Much more sturdy and handsome.

    Tyler sounds like the name of a little sh*t.

  • ?
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    Alexander, Edmund, Elias, Jonathan, Lucas, Tyler are great

  • Ebony
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    Alexander - it's nice but I don't like it through association

    Benjamin - I know a lot of them so I couldn't use it but I love the name

    Clayton - dislike, sounds like a disease

    Dustin - Sounds like dust bin

    Edmund - Too prissy

    Edward - Not as bad as Edmund but still not great

    Elias - Sounds cool but sort of girly looking

    Gregory - boring and outdated

    Jesiah - too bible like

    Jonathan - Ok but I'd never consider it

    Lemuel - sounds like mule, weird and I've never heard of it

    Lucas - like it but it's extremely popular

    Samuel - as above, reminds me of the beach

    Theodore - dislike, can't see why it's becoming so popular

    Thomas - the tank engine

    Tyler - love it, one of my favs

  • Connie
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    Alexander 5/10 don't really like the way the name sounds, but quite like Alex for short. - Benjamin 6/10 quite like the name but don't like the shortened versions like Ben or Benjy. - Clayton 4/10 for some reason just reminds me of clay and also don't like the harsh sounding beginning of "cl" next to eachother. - Dustin 2/10 sounds like dustbin. - Edmund 5/10 quite like Ed or Eddie for short but not too fond of the whole name. - Edward 4/10 similar view as Edmund but dislike full length name more. - Elias 4/10 don't like how it sounds. - Gregory 2/10 think it's overall an unattractive sounding name. - Jesiah 2/10 don't like the sound of it. - Jonathan 4/10 like the name in full but don't like any of the shortened versions and think it's too common. - Lemuel 5/10 like that it's slightly more unusual however not fond of how it sounds. - Lucas 6/10 quite a nice sounding name. - Samuel 5/10 average in my opinion and also don't like sam for short. - Theodore 3/10 don't think it's a nice sounding name. - Thomas 6/10 although it is a common name I quite like the sound of it. - Tyler 2/10 don't like how it sounds at all.

    These are all based on personal opinions though, go with what you like and what you think will suit the child


    - Edward

    - Samuel

    - Theodore


    - Alexander

    - Edmund

    - Thomas


    - Clayton

    - Jesiah

    - Lemuel

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    Elias, Benjamin, Clayton, and Theodore are adorable

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