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List of Questions about Electric Cars?

I need several questions about electric cars. Some questions should be easy to find the answer to, and some should require more research to find. :) Thanks!

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  • 6 years ago
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    heres a question that requires quite a bit of research and is still to many up for debate.

    Many people claim that electric cars are cleaner than those with internal combustion engines. However, the production of an electric car emits more carbon than the production or a regular car. this is mainly due to the extensive mining required for the lithium for the batteries then the later refining process to actually turn that lithium into batteries. if I live in a place where my electricity is generated solely by burning coal, would the increased energy efficiency of an electric be enough to offset the initial impact when the long term environmental impact is still high?

    (in my opinion the answer to this is that it depends on the car and the specific carbon output of the power generation. I did a calculation comparing a Honda Civic, a Toyota Prius and a Tesla Model S for their carbon generation through a 10 year life span and found that though the initial hit for the hybrid and the electrics were indeed drastically larger than that of the civic, the hybrid and electric cars were so much more cleaner in running that over the 10 years there was indeed a positive carbon offset (less carbon produced) even when taking into account that hybrids and electric will eventually need battery replacements.)

    other questions that still require a bit of research but nos as extensive could be to compare the energy efficiency of electric cars to internal combustion engine cars be it gasoline or diesel.

    to further bring more technical knowledge into the question, you can also ask to have the person explain the technical reasons why the differences are the way they are. to answer this, the person must know the working principles of internal combustion engines, their benefits and drawbacks as well as those of electric motors.

    (the basic answer to this is that electric motors dont duffer the massive losses due to friction, heat, vibration and noise that internal combustion engines do.

    an easier question to answer would be something like, why is the Tesla Model S so fast accelerating when it is a large family car that happens to be very heavy?

    (the answer is that electric motors unlike gas engines produce all of their torque from a standstill. a gas engine needs to rev up to reach a peak of torque. during this time, an electric is maximizing the grip allowed by the wheels and just pulling away.

    if these are too hard you could do something like name some electric cars

    Source(s): I had to write a technical report and produce a presentation on electric vs diesel cars and I ended up writing a 16 page report in which I still felt like I had a lot more info to give compared to what was written down. you can read it here. please though if you do decide to use it for class, I ask that you properly reference the report and its creators.
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