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Why police officers kill so many people in the United States? Can someone give me a reasonable explanation?

I ask this question because I see how in many other developed countries around the world the police force has from zero to very very low people shot and killed by then, while in the US it's something normal for police officers to kill people and the best part is that most time are unarmed people.. What's wrong with the police in the United States? Is it poor training, poor judgement, prejudice or what? Here is a list of people killed by police in 2014 in some countries including the US..

Unites States 1,198

Canada 15

South Korea 4

Italy 3

Spain 2

United Kingdom 1

France 1

Germany 0

Japan 0

Norway 0

Denmark 0

Sweden 0

Finland 0

Belgium 0

Switzerland 0

Why is this?

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    The USA has incredibly different social demographics than Europe and minority and gang crime tensions that they can't even fathom, 99.9% of the time when a police officer is forced to shoot someone in the United States it is because the person was a professionally perceived death threat to the police officer or somebody else in the area In very rare circumstances the police commit murder and manslaughter on active duty against white but mostly black people and then that is made into a month long news story by the left wing media NBC ABC MSNBC in order to create high ratings and push a political agenda. Norway is a country with mostly wealthy and content stable minded white people and so is Iceland thus giving those countries a very low violent crime rate, But in Africa and Asia and South America and North America that is far different if Sweden has zero criminal war zones the USA has around a dozen neighborhoods that churn out more annual murders than Norway Sweden and Finland combined

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    Nothing is wrong that can not be fixed. The majority of the problems?

    1.Is too many citizens decide to resist. Brown vs Wilson.

    2. Many laws enforced are tax gathering/income generating. Garner vs NYC finest.

    3. Police on hair triggers by stress and onerous regulations make mistakes.

    4. The occasional wrong man placed in uniform.

    Don't resist police. Respect them. Stop using police to gather income. Give police a freer hand in case by case decisions. Encourage police to report the maleficence of fellow officers. Heavily punish, and swiftly, ANY police who cross the line.

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    Your first mistake is to assume that there is something wrong with the police in the US.

    Your also suggest that it may be prejudice.

    And additionally that most of the time the suspects are unarmed.


    All of the above is incorrect but you believe it because the media presents it that way.

    Most suspects shot by the police in the US are White males.

    Most suspects shot by the police in the US are resisting arrest and are armed.

    Guns are very easy to obtain in the US. This is because of the leading gun manufacturers’ association named the NRA.

    The NRA gives tens of millions of dollars annually to government officials. These are ‘donations’ but in reality it is bribery meant to make officials keep it easy for civilians to purchase weapons legally.

    Too many criminals have easy access to weapons and they use them or display them and they get shot.


    There are certainly bad cops in the US. But they don’t want to shoot a person unless they must do so.

    This is because a cop who shoots and kills a person shall:

    be automatically suspended until a court trial date;

    have to do administrative work until the court date;

    have to speak to numerous examiners;

    face possible conviction and a prison sentence.

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    They don' have the jurisdiction to kill people in France

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    Shot first ask questions later.Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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    American citizens have the right to bear arms. The United States has many gun manufacturers who make and sell guns. Most other countries do not allow their citizens to have guns, nor do they make them.

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    There's too many foreigners not obeying our laws & learning the english language.. Mike

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    Lots of racial tension + systemic bias + guns for everyone = Current American justice system.

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