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Sex on the balcony?

y girlfriend and I live on the top (11th) floor of an apartment building. Recently, we decided that sex on the balcony would be fun. Lo and behold, it was. But I'd like to know what, if any, ramifications there are to such a thing.

It's not a very busy street, and if there are people, they're more likely than not 18 or over. There's a slightly higher apartment building 200 metres or so across from us, and we were both covered from the waist-up. The balcony is solid, with the exception of a 2-inch wide strip cut out not far from the top. I guess it's for astheticts.

Thank you for your time/answers.

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  • Vagar
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    6 years ago

    you could get popped for public lewdness or public indecency...depends on how big a stinkers the cops and the neighbors are. Sounds like there is minimal risk. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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    Sex In The Balcony

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    you can be video taped then it will be put on the internet. you can be arrested for indecent exposure as well.

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