If all of America (South and North) were settled be Europeans, how come North Americans look white while South Americans look darker?

I know about the native people who already inhabited the land. I also know about the discovery and immigration of the Europeans to the new land. I also know about the migrating of the natives during the ice age. What i don't know is why North Americans and South Americans look different if all the land was settled by 'white' men from Europe.

Did the South Americans decide to mate with the natives while North Americans did not?



I was researching it online but i had difficulty finding an answer. Thanks to whoever answers and i will choose a best answer.

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    What happened in the USA in Canada is that the British controlled these areas. The British policy was to inhabit the land and make colonies, basically an extension of British civilization. So the Natives were shunned, killed, and pushed back and back away from their lands (almost to extinction).

    The Spaniards and Portuguese settled the area south of the United States. As for the Spaniards, they settled the most land, so I will explain what happened with them. The Spaniards' goal was to convert the Native Americans and to gain money through gold and silver. They were Catholic, and unlike the Protestants (the British), the Catholic monarchs, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, encouraged the Spaniards to incorporate the Native Americans, marry them, etc. So the Native Americans who were left after disease killed millions of them were incorporated into the Spanish colonial society instead of being shunned like in the USA and Canada. That's why today in Latin America the Amerindian population is thriving and comprises a majority in many Latin American countries, while mestizos, who are a mix of white (usually Spanish) and Amerindian blood are also a thriving group.

    However the Spanish made the caste system in their colonies where whites were on top, and the browner your skin got (basically), the lower your social caste was. For example, a Spaniard (someone born in Spain, called a Peninsular) would be on top, as well as a white person born to Spanish parents in the Americas, who was also white (called a criollo). Then they were followed by blacks, mestizos, Amerindians, various mixed race people with different names depending on what race or race-mix each parent was. For example, castizos (people with a white parent and a mestizo parent) were above mestizos (people with a white parent and an Amerindian parent). The more white blood you had, the higher up you were. You can read more about it here:


    Source(s): Spanish, know the history, also wrote a couple papers on this subject and researched it of course
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    South Americans are said to be more mixed according to scientists and Dna testing,etc.this is thought to be because the early European groups despite their brutality they sometimes didn't have as many wives so they raped and bred out the slaves ranging from conquered locals and African slaves, and later immigrants so the colonial and later groups ended up mixed to various degrees thus they became mixed,

    In Northern America the colonial groups were sometimes entire religious groups fleeing persecution and had enough members for enough spouses to not need to mix thus since these settlers were mostly what is considered white in USA terms the USA and Canada majority populace became mostly and still is white,while South America has millions of multiracial individuals like myself,no offense

    Source(s): Finding your roots,black in Latin America,I'm half Mexican
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    The Spaniards mixed freely with their slaves unlike the Anglos. Whites on average in Latin America indeed carry more admixture than whites in America. You often hear people say such and such wouldn't be considered white in America. However you also have many who are really light as well too.

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    South America is full of American indian & mestios(half white -half American Indian)

    But not all counties are dark, i hear Argentina is 97% white

    Alot of american Indians in north America were killed.

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    White men in south america f***ed the s*** out of native women and created mestizos.

  • You do realize that North and South America both have different diverse people right? Please tell me you already knew this...

  • Why would you ever expect the people of two separate continents, with different climates, geographies and diets to look the same????

    Source(s): Ojibwe Doesn't even look like an Apache let alone a Native from another continent.
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    cause Spaniards mingled with the Natives and Africans slaves.

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