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Why Max von Sydow was able to kill Colin Farrell in Minority Report ?

Danny Witwer(Colin Farrell)

Director Lamar Burgess(Max von Sydow)

In the movie Minority Report When someone try to kill Salomone, police comes to stop. Police can know the murder. But why that didn't happend when Director Lamar Burgess murdered a man. Why he was able to do that.

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    I don't remember the answer but I want to thank you for mentioning Max von Sydow, one of the greatest actors of his generation. He has been acting in films for almost 60 years and deserves a lifetime achievement award.

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    He was the head man and able to erase anything the Pre-Cogs saw. That and the fact I don't think he ever planned on shooting him. Seen that movie several times and find something new each view. A great underrated movie.

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    I got the impression he was in control of the "seers" in some way, and prevented them from reporting what he was going to do.

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