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Question about PayPal.?

I want to buy something on Ebay before $35 is finished processing and is entered into my 'Pal account. If I buy this item, will the $35 fail to be processed in the end?

I do have money for this item here, as the 'Pal account is linked to my bank. So is this a problem?

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    you never have to actually enter money into the paypal itself if it's linked to your bank account. the money will just come straight out of your bank account.

    paypal just acts as a middle man so no credit card info is entered.

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    I cannot make much sense of your convoluted question but I think I get the drift. Buy it. Transfer money from your bank account to your Paypal account (it takes usually 3 or 4 business days), inform the seller that you have transferred money into your Paypal account and you will be able to pay in about 3 or 4 days. When it is in, pay for it. And put more in than just the $35 so some money is there next time you want to buy something.

    Source(s): eBay Buyer & Seller for well over a decade.
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