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how to you stop friends and family from taking ADVANTAGE of you?

I am a talented mechanic and have the skill to fix if not solve all house hold problems. My family is independent and rarely need help from others but recently I have noticed that my family is caling me about once a week to fix things and as well as my wifes friend using her divorece to get tons of free babysitting and car repairs at any time. Her ex-husband once briught 3 cars in 1 night for me to fix and I had to work the next morning. I know I should be asking a price but these people per sway you in the moment just to cave in saying my daughters friends room mates cousin is a just a young student could you please help her out I did give your children birthday presents. Even though my wife gives to her daughter EVERY YEAR even though she is nearly 30. Plus my daughter didn t even get her person from a family member and her birthday was one month ago. Now


I am sick of this happening and me always end up getting sucked in, Just say no isn't what I am looking for I need some advice thank you!

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    Learning to say no is a skill you will use all your life. It takes practice, but it's worth it. Do not offer excuses or reasons why you can't or won't do what they're asking, just say no repeatedly and pleasantly.

    "My car's stalling at red lights. Think you could take a look?"

    "Sorry, can't do it."

    "Why not."

    "Can't do it. I can recommend a guy you can trust, though."

    "Would your wife be able to watch Nicky and Bonnie Saturday? I'm getting my hair done."

    "I don't think she can, no."

    "She's been after me to do my roots. Do you have other plans or something?"

    "She can't do it. Sorry."

    I didn't master this kind of thing until I'd been roped into doing all kinds of things I really didn't want to do. Try it and see if you can't save your time and skills for the occasions *you* want to give them away for free.

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    You said just saying no was not the answer you're looking for. Hey dope, that Is the answer. In the south we say no by saying "well let me think about it" If they press you then for an immediate answer you can then become indignant at their impertinence and just say "well if you won't even let me think about it then I'll just have to say no. Which has been the answer all along.

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    Break down their advantage, literally destroy, or cut it off, make a new one, now against them.

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    Just tell them to halt doing it. If they are literally nice to you, they'll listen.

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