hate my name, any way to spice it up?

its ivana... ew

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  • MK
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    5 years ago
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    I think Ivana is a pretty name!

    You could go by Ivy or Iva for short.

  • 5 years ago

    I dont hate my name, hope you dont mind for my input anyway: it really depends on the type of person your child grows up to be, and what your thoughts are. My husband has one of the most common names for guys. especially for guys in our age group. His 2 best friends actually have the same name too, and he's had anywhere from 3-5 close friends with the same name over the years. It certainly gets confusing when everyone gets together. But he doesnt hate it or his parents. Everyone just kind of deals with it and try to use nicknames, (him and one of the friends actually have the same first AND MIDDLE names --both common names) i on the other hand have only ever met 1 person with my name. and i love it that way. i didn't get teased as a child (even though adults on here think my name is awful) i just all around love not being 1 of 15 sarah's. i love when people ask me about it or think they heard wrong. Even when i have to spell it out or repeat myself its not a big deal. whats 10 extra seconds to spell it? Actually when i give my name i just go straight from saying it into spelling it. no big deal. I dont hate my parents for a different name, my husband doesnt hate his parents for a common name. But at the same time i very could have grown up to hate my name. Luckily my personality fit with it. Thats the chance you take. I think most parents feel they have an idea of the personality their child will have. So you usually get it right. My mom says I was almost a Denise...and boy am i glad i'm not! i do not look or feel like a Denise. Denise isn't a bad name, but if it was my name i would hate it.

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    Vana - pronounced vah-nah or van-nah

    Ana - pronounced ah-nah or Anna

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    Livana that's a pretty name.

  • 5 years ago

    I feel like your name is already really "spiced up." It sounds somewhat exotic. :)

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